I was at the Sioux Falls S D Target today I have never seen such a mess in the women's dept clothes all over the floor ,display tables a mess,dressing rooms full of clothes.What's up ???????The entrance to the store looks like a mess too butts all over,garbage all over.What's with the mrg there???????

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blame the guests shopping there. the clothing dept is made up of womens, childrens, infants, and mens.

i team member in the fitting room and maybe 2 out working the floor and an LOD who is spaced out. its impossible for 2 team members to go around an immediately clean the mess that each individual makes. after working in retail I see messy stores as a sign of the people shopping there, its not a reflection of the people working there.

also anything that's near the front is considered front lanes duty, the cashiers. they can't exactly go clean the floor when every guest comes running up to the lanes at once.


You blame the employees, they are not the ones making the mess, it is the shoppers who are making the mess, and if they spent all their time cleaning up the messes that people made then there would be long line ups and you would complain about that. So blame the people who make the mess.

I was in one of the stores, (Wal-Mart, Target some *** like that) and they had just folded all the clothing, and some child threw everything on the floor.

They employee told the child not to and the mother yelled at them saying he is just a child and it is your job to clean up so you have no right complaining. Blaming them for something that is not their fault makes you seem like a 13 year old who has never worked in her life.

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