Received a rude call from Target Card Services before 9am, stating that I had a payment that was past due I needed to pay IMMEDIATELY!!!! I had thought I paid it will Billpay, so I asked if I could check, told me I needed to hurry up cause I was wasting his time.

I should of paid my bill on time!! Excuse me but I was pretty sure I did, but I missed it- it was an honest mistake!!! The whole time he was just so RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE!!! Wouldn't give me his name.

Thought I heard someone call him Antwan? Target can shove there Red Card up their ***!! I will be paying it off next month and closing the account!! I will NOT shop in a store ever again.

Hope they get hacked and go out of business!!!

Corporations Suck!!!! Support your local mom & pop shops!!!!

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