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I had a great experience in my target location, it was when I had to call their guest relations that my experience went sour! The person I spoke to was not helpful AT ALL!

He provided me with the WRONG information SEVERAL times throughout the call. He made a mild customer service issue turn MAJOR. He was RUDE! LAZY!

and DISRESPECTFUL! I think I might stop shopping at Target because of him.

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First Born Triplet

Target employs like ten thousands of people, maybe millions, and because of one in a million people treated you badly you are going to not go to any Target store online or in person ever again, even boycotting this store he works at probably is not a good idea since they have maybe one hundred employees so you are going to boycott a whole store, based on one percent of employees.

to First Born Triplet #850212

Yeah and with this attitude soon he is going to get someone bad at every store he goes to and he will have to make his own furniture, food, entertainment ect

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