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I am a 62 year 4 ft 10 in female and was as sulted in Target by a 6 ft 3 in male. The clerk called security and they did absolutely nothing.

This store is pitiful.

Never will I go into another target. This is a very unsafe store to shop in

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #843072

They can't do anything unless they see something I think. Why did you not call the police yourself if you were threatened. If security suddenly came up to you and asked you to leave the store because another customer claimed you assaulted them when you did not how would you feel?

to First Born Triplet #845446

She was insulted, not assaulted. Security, and the police can't do anything for hurt feelings.

First Born Triplet
to poorbaby #845558

That is what you took as saulted, I took it as assaulted, but you are right security cannot do a thing about hurt feelings. In this case she should have "as saulted back.

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