I ordered 3 items of clothing for my son from taget.com, when I received them the sizes I ordered were way to big. No big deal found that I could return them directly to the store with no issues as long as they were in there orginal packaging and I had the order receipt, etc.

After I returned them I noticed I was not reimbursed my shipping.

I had to call a 800 number to find out why, which this should have been done by the store employee, because when I called they asked for my store number, come to find out if you are honest and say the true reason of return, they will not refund you the shipping, example: you have to say it was the wrong item sent to you. So I lost about 10.00 dollars in shipping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

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So Target should pay to ship you clothes that you incorrectly ordered? Get real. Shipping is ususually not refundable unless it's a company error.


Why on earth should you be refunded for shipping? Your shipment still cost the company money and it's not Target's fault the clothes were the wrong size. So you didn't LOSE $10 in shipping because the company SHIPPED you your items!

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