bought an HP PRINTER..WAS TO GET $10.00 gift card w/purchase. Bought a usb card w/card credit + some $.

Usb came in box so returned unopened usb cord with reciept for same. No credit given for and no gift card issued for the 10.00 gift card. No way/no how! $ returned.

We would have happily settled for another gift card/ as we used to shop regularly (as our budget allows) but no more. Just got screwed by Target! Last time! We live within 1 mile of a walmart and will take our business there!

We are both disabled and have had good service till now/shopping always pleasant/even when we have had to wait for elec. carts as apparently these big Target stores can only afford 1/2 elec. carts per store. Foolish!

Sr & disabled always can get carts at Walmart stores.

Its a pity really. With 7 grandchildren we purchase a fair # of gift cards for all of them throughout the year...no more.

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From what I can tell, you were hoping to get a refund for something after receiving a promotional deal.

Here's the thing: Because people often would purchase the package deals and return one of the items to the store, Target only refunds the DIFFERENCE between the original promotion and the item cost.

If the cord cost $15 and the giftcard you received for the original transaction, you would receive $5. This is because $10 of this goes toward Target directly because you no longer qualify for the promotion.


So, I suppose you think it would be fair if two people in one family used both of the carts at one time. I used to work in a Target store----this was before any store had those electric carts for customers to use.

I do know target is a fanatic about neatness in their stores and let's face it, the carts at WalMart do have a tendency to end up being rather messy looking as the day goes on. The trick to getting a cart at Target is to get there by opening time and at WalMart the trick to getting one that is fully charged, most of the time is to get there extremely early in the morning. You have to learn the tricks of shopping when you are disabled.

Any time I have bought a printer, it says right on the box what is included and if I can't find that on the box, I have asked an employee. If all the facts in your complaint are correct, I do think you should have been given a refund, but I figure there must have been a reason that you didn't get one.

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