I recently bought a NINTENDO DS i at the Huntington Beach store on Adams. When my son opened it up on his B-day the screen was cracked.

I went to return it and come to find out they sold me a DS that the serial number did not match the box that it was in. The manager Peppy that was working on Sunday Nov 1, 2009 was so rude and would not let me return it. Be careful what you buy at target.

there retun policy sucks!!!! Peggy the manager was rude would not give me any eye contact.

Review about: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $164.

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Shop at Costco! They still think the customer is right.


It is interesting reading when the commentors claim that the OP is lying; a claim that Target didn't even make. :upset

Target treats its customers like criminals.

I hope people take this as a fair warning not to do business with Target. They will never stand behind the product they sold, will never admit their error, and will never admit that your intention was not criminal. :x

Stay away from this crazy business.

You will get two bonuses, first you will get what you pay for and second, you won't have to deal with the morons who comment on this site. :grin


When did Target create the new policy of not being able to return otc allergy medicine. My family got a script from the doc right after i bought them.

Since i had an excess of coupons with my $300 order they said they would not return them under any circumstance.

To me this is crazy, iy was unopened, and i had a receipt. Someone please help me understand because this new policy should be posted somewhere for the consumer to buy at risk of not needing to return it.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #221109

Maybe it is on another site, however the mother confessed that her son broke an old DS, and she tried to return it after buying a new one claiming the new one had the cracked screen. Ofcourse they ran the serial number and it did not match.

She had to confess due to a court order when Target charged her with fraud. She ven had her eight and nine year old son's lie for her saying they found it like that.


This policy is in place so you can't put your old, beat up DS in a new box and return it.


Unfortunately the story fits the profile of customer fraud, which is why they wouldn't exchange it. I worked at BBY, and people were trying to return four year old items.

Many times, they would purchase the same item they already owned that didn't work, put their defective one in the new box, and then exchange it.

This item may have been an improperly reshelved exchange, which would explain the serial number discrepency. Too bad the *** thieves and penoids screw things up for everyone.


I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it.

The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used." The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name.

Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Tell your friends: Do Not Shop at Target!



“When my son opened it up on his B-day the screen was cracked. I went to return it and come to find out they sold me a DS that the serial number did not match the box that it was in.”

This is by far the highest cost of “shrinkage” (theft, loss, returns deceit) in the store. Unscrupulous guests buy a new unit and return it almost immediately as a repackaged dud unit. Sometimes it is their own unit that failed, but sometimes they get the dead core from a flea market or on line listing sight expressly to commit fraud. I’m sure their view is that Target is a big ugly company just rolling in money and the ‘exchange’ of their dead unit will go unnoticed. Sadly, the cost of this shrinkage results in higer selling prices for everyone and problems for other guests caught up in the fraud scheme, such as yours.


“The manager that was working on Sunday Nov 1, 2009 was so rude and would not let me return it.”

Was this “manager” the LOD (Leader On Duty) of the store? If not you need to immediately call the store and ask to speak to the LOD (it could be one of several people in that role, which rotates through the executive management staff each day).

In my experience I have seen guests not take ‘no’ for an answer in the store, regarding their returned item, and elevate it to the HQ customer service team (1-800-440-0680).

If HQ over rides the store LOD, that store has to report the cost of the item as shrinkage loss. So you can see why the store might push back on the guest and try not to pay. Life is not always fair!

On the other hand a well run Target store will protect themselves and the guest by checking that the serial numbers of the package and the item match during the sale. Some items (such as XBOX360 hardware) have a spy hole in the box that requires the TM to scan the bar code on the actual unit during the sale. Other hardware (such as Nintendo

DS-Lite and DSi) have paper stickers on the box. TMs do not routinely open these unless the box is already unsealed or damaged, due to the time required to do so.

Video surveillance of the TM and guest at the POS terminal is sometimes used to see if the item was opened for inspection during the sale. Quite frankly, if the guest sets off my ‘spider-sense’ for any reason I make a theatrical show of opening the boxes and also checking the guests ID and/or cask money (to protect my self if there is a dispute later).

This past week the same guest bought a second Sony Play Station PSP in a month and attempted to return a beaten up one with non-matching serial numbers. This is an on-going fraud investigation so I can give details, but clearly our Target store is under attack!


“Be careful what you buy at target. there (sic) retun policy ***!!!! Peggy the manager was rude would not give me any eye contact.”

Again, contact the store and speak to the LOD. You need to be pro-active and work with the executive team at that store to get good service. If you are sure you were cheated because the item was already swapped in a return Target will make you happy with a replacement. Hopefully, that store will tighten its own procedures to stop further loss.

Please report back here with your progress!

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