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I'm not going to go into some whiny diatribe about how I'm some huge victim. I will simply say that I purchased a product from Target not too far back that did not work in the manner in which it was advertised to do. When attempting to return it to Target because I was not pleased with it, I was informed that Target only accepts returns of merchandise if it is brand new and unopened....and with a receipt....and with the credit card it was purchased. The last 2 I had no problems with, but that first one? Whoo boy, that's one of the worst return policies I've ever seen for a product that's not a game, a movie, or a music CD.

It is absolutely your right to have a return policy like that. Just like it's my right to move the approximate $1,000 per month I was spending at my local Target (including groceries) in the Seattle area to Fred Meyer or, both of whom have equal or lower prices than Target, price match guarantees, and return policies that are not so woefully restrictive. This is exactly what I'm going to be doing, for the record. With a policy like that, I would sooner set foot in a Wal-Mart than deal with that.

Will not frequent Target again until that return policy is loosened to more industry-standard terms.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I'd be interested in knowing what you purchased that couldn't be returned if opened. My Target takes back anything opened, even makeup.

The only thing they don't give a refund in is movies/software/games/etc that have been opened.

And you don't need your card if you have a receipt. Just saying.


Next time read the policy before going into the store.


you won't whine? if you don't call that whining, I'd hate to see the real thing.

now I'm not saying that you were in the wrong but you did fail to tell us what it was that you were trying to return.

oh and I see that the Anonymous loser from Mississippi is still patrolling these boards. still posting creepy smiley faces and treating the original poster as if they're one of your patients that need sympathy, huh?


This policy prevents people from "renting" items and returning them. Without this policy, people could go buy a TV/GPS/IPOD/etc, use it for a week or so, and then get their money back.

I think Target has the worst customer service return policy of all retail stores. :sigh
I strongly suggest that if you desire care after the purchase and they get your money, that you shop at ANY store in America other than Target. :(

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