I tried to return an item at Target yesterday. I had the receipt, it is still active merchandise, was new and in the original packaging, and I wanted to exchange it toward the purchase of something more than $150 greater in value (i.e.

I wanted to give them more money). Because it's been more than 90 days since I purchased this item, they refused the return. Store manager and district manager both said there was nothing they could do. I took my business to Walmart instead - they take anything back without a hassle.

Target has lost a loyal customer.

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There have been times I felt ashamed to bring opened packaging or other merchandise back to places like Target. For about 4 months I kept returning a gps unit because there were sales or lowered prices or a better model and I did this between Target and Best Buy first it was because the other had a better sale and then it was because one had a better model.

I never was given problems, I think a 90 return policy is very reasonable. In response to the person returning a bike with a closed credit card account They can credit a closed account, people close credit accounts even when they still owe a balance you could have gotten your money back that way. Despite that if all they could do for you was give you store credit -even that is perfectly acceptable I feel. They didn't keep your money, if you are wise and use the credit towards things you need to buy from a store in general like laundry detergent or paper towels.

You should be lucky they accommodated you considering you exhausted all the conditions.

Can I buy an old lawn mower for 50 dollars off some dudes lawn over 3 months later show up and ask him to take it back and give me my 50 bucks because it is not working like it first did when I took it off his hands? NO of course not!


I'm surprised to see the nastiness in the comments here. In my store (not a Target) if the person has the receipt, the item is still in mint condition, and we still stock it, we process the return.

Whatever happened to trying to make customers happy? Yeesh.


I see your points. I guess 90 days is a more than generous amount of time to figure out if I want to keep something. Next time I will follow the rules and not expect to get special treatment.


Bought a kids bike that broke in 8 weeks. Brought it back for repairs.

It's been 9 weeks and it's still not fixed. When I wanted my money back they said I was over the 90 days (well, duh.....Target put me over the 90 days). I originally paid by credit card but have since closed the account. They told me they couldn't give me cash back but could credit a closed account !

well, duh........now I have no bike and a gift card for a store I WILL NEVER SHOP IN AGAIN ! Bad experience and a very SELF-SERVING CORPORATION!

Grabs your money and runs.....Do NOT buy anything from them that they say they can send out and fix ! It will put you over their 90 return policy and they get to keep your money !


I just don't understand the mentality of customers who expect company-wide rules and policies to suddenly fly out the window because they want something. On every single receipt that prints out, there will be dates that the receipt is still good until.

No matter what, you will have 90 days, sometimes maybe a day or two after that depending on the item. If it has been more days than allowed to make a return, there is absolutely nothing a Target employee can do. There is no override. Nothing.

Why you feel like there should have been one for you is obnoxious. You had 3 whole months to return/exchange your item yet you waited. So, ultimately, you have no one to blame but yourself. And don't worry, take your business elsewhere.

Target will be just fine. ;)

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198881

customers *** me off

Lol, so they expect the company to shut down or your store to shut down just because they won't come back. Most of the people complaining here act like spoiled eight year olds. Either that or they are children trapped in an adult body.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198622

Don't you all just love it when these 10 year old kids don't want to follow the rules. Nor do they know how read.

They clearly say that the return policy is 90 days. They have to be strict or anyone could bring an appliance or something they bought years ago and return it after it stopped working. Also I like it how these 10 year olds think that they are loyal customer. A loyal customer does not take their business elsewhere based on one bad experience.

Your parents need to raise you better.

If by any chance you are over the age of ten grow up and act your age. Because even an 11 year old would not act this way.

Khurda, Orissa, India #198479

Oh my word, you whiny customers! Target's return policy is clearly STATED ON THE RECEIPT: returns/exchanges WITHIN 90 DAYS!!

How hard is that to understand??

What makes you, and the hundreds of other stuck on themselves customers, think Target is going to break COMPANY POLICY?? And please stop with the old "such and such store has just lost a loyal customer/my hard earned money/my business" textbook line.

No one cares, go crawl up in a corner and cry. But if you feel like you have just been shot through the heart because Target wont bend their policy for you, then perhaps you should shop somewhere else.

There are worse things happening in this world today, and all you can complain about is not being able to return some merchandise to Target, BECAUSE IT'S BEYOND THE ALLOWABLE 90 DAY TIME FRAME! Good grief!!

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