I bought a lip color from Target and got home excited to try it. The color was awful and looked nothing like what it advertised at all.

I cannot return or exchange for a different color because it has been opened. I wish they had Sephora's policy for returns and exchanges. Sephora accepts used items for exchange or refund if unhappy with it. As long at it has not been used excessively.

ugh! that was $10 I just wasted. Next time I will just buy my makeup from Sephora for an extra $2.

At least I know if I don't like it they will accept an exchange. Target lost my business.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Naples, Florida, United States #618248

Another one. Jeeze.

Sephora is NOT Target.

When stores take makeup back as a return that has been opened, they LOSE money as they WILL NOT get credit for it. Just because one store chooses to let people rip them off does not mean all stores should have to.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #618171

If I use only part of a applebees giftcard can I return it to target? Like what if I only used $5 off of the card? please let me know, seems legit, right?

Herndon, Virginia, United States #583242

go to a different target and tell them you ha a bad reaction, I agree target is crappy with returns.

to try this Naples, Florida, United States #618887

Contact the manufacturer.


I don't find it strange at all that a store refuses to refund an item that can not be resold because of buyer's remorse.

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