After looking up return policy for Target I discovered it was set up to just keep you going in circles so decided to contact them on the phone to get a return label. Took three calls (so far).

What I was sent the first time was just a receipt - I did not ask for a receipt (I have the packing slip) and when I called back to tell them I did not receive a return label she said what I received was all I needed. I explained that what I had was not a return label as there was no address - how do you ship with no address? She said that's all I needed and that everything was on the bar code. Wrong.

I checked with my UPS handler and of course they do need an address. Just getting the run around. Now third call I'm told they will send return label - I asked how long before I receive? She says 24 hrs.

24 hrs. to get an emailed return label??? This is crazy. They do not know what they're doing - or maybe this is their standard procedure?

Just make the customer so frutrated they'll go away??? Not me - just won't do business with this type anymore.

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Talk about horney! This guy, IHateStupidCustomers, has a THING for Target.

If you post anything about Target, he goes off like you licked the red off his lollypop!!

Be careful what you say about Target or you have a bonafied stalker to contend with!! :eek :eek :p


Hello Anonymous, Anonymous from Mississippi would like to know your location in order to stalk you asap.

That being said, he/she will completely agree that you are need of a restraining order against them.

Thanks for your posting, it will not help anyone except Anonymous who had a hard on about your complaint.


Hello Anonymous. It would be nice to see your location posted since it has become apparent that people from many certain locations are becoming disgusted with Target and their unreasonable return policies.

That being said, I completely agree with you.

Target is horrible in their dealings with the public and I am convinced that the only way we will be treated fairly is to deal with another store. I intend to not do business with a company so uncooperative to their customers, and hope the public decides to leave that place to send itself down the drain where it belongs. If they can't work with customers, what good is it to deal with them?

Thanks for your posting. It will certainly help many people.

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