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I blame Target for what happened in the parking lot with my daughter. When she spilled her drink, I just lost it.

I was already angry at them for not giving me all my money back and their *** customer service that I unfortunately snapped when she accidentally spilled her drink on her clothing.

I would not have overreacted if they did not anger me. They made me so angry that I hurt my daughter when she dropped her drink on her clothing accidentally.

Original review posted by user Sep 21, 2016

I bought two clothes items last week 9/15/2016 and reeceived the 10.00 for buying 40.00 worth of clothing items.I went to exchange the item on 9/20/2016 and I was only able to exchange it for the exact same item.

I did not like how this item fit and still wanted to buy something eles. The clerk told me that I could not do this. Last week when I bought this item, I could buy anything I wanted. I wanted to buy something I liked with the discount I got last week.

I got a different size as maybe it will fit my daughter. The two ladies told me I could not do this and very rudely told me that one of the items I brought up would not work. I told them I wanted to voice my opinion and opened the drawer and handed be a review card. I there for left the store very bitter.

I have returned things at this Apple Valley store and have had a negative experience more than once. At least smile and be friendly. Keep in mind nobody is perfect and I did lose the receipt, however I was treated like I was a thief because of this. They said that since this is the fourth time that I did not have the receipt I would have to get the lowest selling price.

They don't own the merchandise and should not take my transaction personally.I want to go back to Target and buy merchandise and feel like I can get the same discount as when I bought the item.

When I went home my daughter dropped her pop on her clothing that she was drinking. I was already angry at Target that I just started hitting her. I found out later on that someone reported me to the police and when they showed up on my doorstep I was begging them not to take my daughter from me, but they did anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Well, The Salvation Army Store has A Very Strict No Returns Or Exchanges Policy at Their Stores Too! At Least Target Will Refund Their Crap Merchandise Sometimes.

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #1242779

I don't believe a word of this story but if it were true you'd be an abuser, which is nothing to do with Target whatsoever.

Brentwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1218221

wow, mother/father of the year, right here.

Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States #1217948

good grief....we've been sharing bathrooms with people of different sexes for a very, very long time, you just didn't realize it. And Target does have "family" restrooms that are private for those who are afraid (for whatever reason).

I just don't know why people are still crying about this. Be more concerned about the creepy perv men that roam this world than transgenders.

Anyway, you injured your daugther and it's someone else's fault? You are responsible for your own actions. As for your return issue, that too is your fault.

Take responsibility for once. geez

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1216225

Unless you really, really enjoy sharing a rest room with someone of the opposite sex, I question your shopping at Target in the first place.

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