I bought a TV for my daughter on Black Friday as a surprise for Christmas. It obviously stayed in a box for some time.

Finally set it up after the new year and it had a small problem with pixels. Took it back to local Target store, but was told it was past their 90 day policy and there was nothing they could do. Very inexperienced manager came over and it was obvious he had no authority whatsoever. Just kept repeating the same thing.

They had the same TV in stock and could (should) have switched it and taken care of getting reimbursed from company to make it easier on the customer. They didn't. They called some other party to make the decision that they I guess were considered by Target too dumb to make themselves.

Finally got TV repaired through Samsung, who made the TV, but it should have been much less trouble. As a result I have avoided buying things at Target and have tried to influence others to do the same.

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I bought some blush that irritated my skin so I brought it back with the receipt. I was told no return on opened items.

Well how else can you tell if an item will work for you if you don't open it and give it a try.

Target does not seem to be concerned about repeat customer's. I wont take the chance of not being able to return something from target again I will just shop some where else.


to the person from New York, you're going to stop shopping because you couldn't return opened almonds?


All I did was pee myself and they kicked me out. I can't help that I got pee pee drips on their new floor! Excuuuuse ME!


Everyone should be aware that Target has changed its return policy. I purchased some almonds less than a week ago.

When I tasted them they tasted stale. I returned the opened package with the receipt. I was told that if a package is opened, they wouldn't accept a return regardless of having a receipt.

Fortunately, I only spent a couple of dollars. I will avoid shopping at Target in the future.


Im confused as to why you should be pissed off at target. They have a 90 days return period from the receipt date, so its not astonishing that they didn't want to let you return the tv after 9 days!

If you had a store warranty or a manufacturers warranty then that's a different story.. why should target change their policies just for you? And, even if the manager was new and inexperienced, give him a break! Being a manager is a tough job, and are you claiming you've never been inexperienced before?

Geesh! Its just a *** tv, go get bent out of shape over something actually important or bad in the world.

to youarelame Hacienda Heights, California, United States #864613

You're fuckn lame.. that's why managers r put into that position to take care of those problems.

If target wants to sell tvs they should guarantee them they work and not give u 90 days to return.

What TV goes out in 90 days.? If anything a year or 2..

to Target***ks Orlando, Florida, United States #864861

No company is going to guarantee a product will work that they do not make themselves. Target is a vendor, not a manufacturer.

A return policy from a retail vendor like Target, Walmart, Best Buy is simply a courtesy. It says "Hey, you didn't like/want that item or it didn't work we will take it back and give you your money". But that is it. It's not a guarantee.

You want a guarantee, that is what the manufacturer's warranty is for. That says "For one year we promise this tv will work or we fix/replace it".

Target is not the manufacturer. After the generous 90 day return policy you deal with the manufacturer or suck it up.


anonymous, you're sick.


Okay my experience at Target. I was banned from Target.

I did not do anything wrong. All I was doing was jacking off to the training bras and girls swimsuits.

There now you know why I am angry at Target. They banned me for that because they are jealous that I could *** on cue.


anonymous from Mississippi, rather than posting weird comments and getting a hard on for Target haters, why don't you just tell us your Target experience once and for all? or are you just insane and never had that experience to begin with?

ATThater2 why not just tell your mom?

I'm sure she won't be hurt if you tell her that you already have a grill. unless she expected you to use one for hamburgers and the other for hot dogs then I don't see why she would take it so hard.

besides, wouldn't she notice if she came to visit and didn't see the grill anywhere? but if she was to get upset, it sounds like both of you need to trade in that grill for some tissues at Target.


jedi knight you are to much but true to some of what you say target has to draw the line somewhere



I am also sure that he never came and I am sure it is on purpose. Most likely he did not want to deal with another spoiled brat who cried and threw a temper tantrum when he did not get his way.

He would rather lose your business than keep it because losing one customer won't hurt the store.

If you mother knew any better she would have sent a gift receipt. I guess stupidness runs in the family.


I just had a run-in with Target also. My mom gave me a brand new $99 grill, but I had already bought one so I didn't need it.

I didn't want to ask her for the receipt because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So I thought Target would let me return it for a gift card. No. The manager said that I could exchange it for something in the same department.

So I went back there to try and find something. After a little while I decided on some chairs (didn't really need them, but it was the best thing I could find and better than having 2 grills). When I got back to the service desk, the old lady who was right there when the manager said that, told me, "oh no, I don't think you can do that. You have to swap it for another grill".

So I asked her to call the manager back over to the service desk. I waited a long time and he never came (I'm sure on purpose). So I just left with my grill. Had I not had other places to go, I would have stayed.

So goodbye Target. You have lost my business.


Either you worked at Target or you threw a temper tantrum like some six year old because they did not change the rule for you.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #864936

Nope he is just a child who thinks he should always get his way. They don't here children so he is not a disgruntled employee


Jedi - No son, you ARE thick.

How do you have such a lame idea that I worked at Target?

I am neither a disgruntled employee nor a former employee.

Besides being thick, you thoughts are shallow.


Anonymous I may be "playing it thick"about why you were fired from Target, however since you are a disgruntled employee your opinion does not count.

EIGHT :upset
Well, Anonymous, I guess you can now see what kind of dopes troll these sites.
Don't let it get you down. They spend their times playing grownup and no one falls for their foolishness.
Please keep to your purpose and warn everyone you can not to deal with Target. Contrary to these children, the word is spreading and people are listening.
Thanks. 8)

Anonymous you psycho, you are outnumbered. Just because you have a grudge against Target because they fired you, most likely for stealing Twinkies to lure little girls does not mean everyone thinks the same way about Target.

SEVEN :upset :x

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