Hello! First and foremost i love Target as a store, but i had a slight issue at the store in Amsterdam Ny.

I called ahead of time and asked them what their return policy was without a receipt. I spoke to a very nice woman named Meg. She assured me that i wouldnt have an issue and would receive a full refund. I got to the store and the person who took my exchange, proceeded to tell me that i would only be getting $188.99 with my idback on a purchasr that was over $350.

The item in question was a pair of headphones. My question is why couldnt I have been told that i wouldnt be getting the full amount back.

When i first called instead of me going 40 miles away to not get the full amount like i was told. Other than this slight issue, i had a wonderful experience

Location: Manlius, New York

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It’s funny how this pig doesn’t comment. Scam!


You're full of sh it trying to scam them. High price item, be more careful with your receipts. You learned a valuable lesson.


This post just screams “scam”. Even if you did call and a CSR told you that, you should have had the common sense to specify it was a $350 pair of headphones.


There’s not one person reading this that buys your story. All you have to do is track down the credit or debit card you used and access your online statement. You can then obtain purchase date and other info to verify purchase for your headphones.

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