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I purchased a ipad on10-31-12..before i bought it I asked the cashier who helped me with the product if I needed to return it later then the 30 days can I it's for Christmas..he said yes it falls under the holiday return...good..well I went to return it and they said it's past the 30 days i cant i explained what there employee said to me..in so many works they said they cant help me..I payed cash..and it was un-opened...the manager at the deptford store was nice..but she couldn't help me ..and no one on there 188 could help me..I talked to them and they didnt care about what there sccociate said to me about extened time..Target is off my list..I'm really pissed and you screwed me over Target..

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Target screws every one of their "guests" over. They lie, participate in bait and switch, they do anything to make a sale.

Once they sell you something, you are stuck with it - problem or not.

Every shopper should learn a lesson from your posting and the postings of the other people on this site - Don't Shop at Target.

They are horrible at customer service and WILL NOT change their bad practices.

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