I returned an item that was the wrong size. The cashier I had was rude and every other cashier asked, "Would you like cash back, gift card, or credit back to your card?" She didn't ask, just finished the transaction.

Another customer also left their phone, and I'm the one who found it. She didn't even thank me for finding someone's personal belongings. She didn't thank me, greet me, or anything. I also went get some food from their little food shop.

They were out of bread sticks.

That just made me even madder. Ugh!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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You must be a terrible mother trying to feed your kids breadsticks. There is so much other stuff on the menu that you could of fed your kids or better yet make them something to eat.

I am not even a mom but would not feed my niece or nephews breadsticks as their dinner. The person who lost their phone was smart when they password protected their phone so thieves like you wouldn't use their phone.

I hope your complaint is a joke or cps should be called because you don't know how to feed your children. How nutritious are breadsticks for children?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195528

first of all ***, it is self esteem not self es. Second why should I have to talk.

Third yes, I agree when I found the phone I wanted to make some calls to my friends which were long distances, but the person who lost the phone had a password on it. I would have returned the phone after making my calls.

Also *** the cashier did not eat the breadsticks. They did not make enough and I have children who went starving becuase of this.


Darn that cashier for eating all the breadsticks!!!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #190673

If you are hurt because someone did not thank you for finding a phone which was not yours. Perhaps your friend purposely lost the phone so you can get a thank you to make you feel special.

I bet if you knew that you would not have gotton a thank you for the phone you would have kept it and rang up long distance charges trying to make new friends then grumbled when they did not say goodbye or hello to you. You were angry because they had no bread sticks, no wonder you have no friends you get mad at the simplist of thigs and would make a very bad parent. Please tell me you dno't have children.

You have a mouth if you wanted cashback, a gift card or credit to your card you can open your mouth.(you have nerve being upset because someoen did not thank you for the phone when you did not speak up about what you wanted. Or maybe you just did not want cash back or anything, you were just hurt because someone did not talk to you because you are lonely due to your anger issues.(being angry beccause they are out of anger issues is an anger issue) People run out of things.

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