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Why Target, WalMart and Radio Shack's (I only name these since I have dealt with them in the past week, but this goes for all those Gump-*** stores) Price Match Policies are ***.

Target will match a competitor's printed ad, but NOT if they advertise buy X product & get a gift card. This past week, Toys R Us had the Wii bundle for $124.99 plus you got a $25 TRU GC with purchase. Normally, I gravitate towards Target for spendy things such as this and I wanted to this time, figuring "hey I can get it for a good price & get $25 to use later." Did I? Nooooooo. Target, WHAT THE *** sense does it make that you won't price match WITH the giftcard?!?!?! At the very least it would guarantee a return trip with more than the $25 spent! Needless to say, I didn't give my business to Target. Thanks Toy R Us for the giftcard that was later used to buy a game, which came with another card.

Walmart shares the same policy with Target, but in addition to that stupidity, Wal-mart (AND Radio Shack) both offer FREE SITE TO STORE shipping, but WON'T match their website prices when you are in the store and have the product in hand and ready to buy! Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Forrest Gump or Karl Childers wrote these policies. mhmm. Vitamin Shoppe, despite the website's statement, will match the website prices when you go in there. WalMart Waltons and Radio Shack- If I'm going to order products from the website, thereby RECEIVING THE WEBSITE PRICE, and pick them up in a store in a couple of hours, which would MAKE SHIPPING FREE, then WHY IN THE *** could I not just get the website price in store WITHOUT making an online order?! Walmart, you offer price matching with no physical ad required so this makes NO SENSE! I won't even stand for the BS that online has less overhead. Walmart and Radio Shack can pull from their shelves for free, making the physical store overhead part of the deal.

This is just one thing that's been buggin' me. It probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that I haven't been to sleep yet, then I drove to Walmart at 7 am only to come face to face with 97% of the pegs empty in the area that I was looking in and merchandise strewn about on the shelving, not to mention open packaging. There were also inconsistencies- for example, some of the HDMI cables in one brand were locked up but then right next to that peg, 20 were hanging out unsecure. Ah well, I guess I expect nothing but the best from WalMart*sarcasm/eye roll*

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Dekalb, Illinois, United States #997855

You're the reason why I moved out of retail and went to corporate


Simon, I don't expect a red carpet when I go to these places. It only makes sense that if these stores are willing to accept (most) returns that customers have purchased online, then why wouldn't they just match their online prices?

I know if I'm actually able to handle the item then I'm more likely to buy and keep it. Getting a better deal only sweetens things, and who doesn't like to score a good deal?

to m3dreamer Melbourne, Florida, United States #998353

Stores don't match online prices because it's cheaper for the item to come from online than a store. When an item is ordered online the company has to pay for the warehouse upkeep, a handful of employees and maybe shipping.

With a retail store they have to pay rent, utilities, multiple employees, etc. So an item is inherently cheaper to the company when you order it online so they pass the savings to you.

A brick and mortar store is much more expensive to maintain so they pass that cost to you. That is why stores don't match online prices.


As you found out, stores that price match do only that; they match the price of the item, they don't throw in the freebies that other stores do. Also, most stores will not match their online prices for the same reason you stated and think is BS: The overhead is different. Also, the inventory moves differetly, so prices vary according to inventory levels.

I honestly think you're acting like someone who wants the red carpet laid out for them when they enter a store. You need to relax. Stores have policies they have to follow. If you don't like it, grow your own food and make your own clothes.

Also, Karl Childers was the man.

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