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I tried exchanging duplicate items I received from my bridal registry and was denied. I NEVER asked for cash, but for store credit.

Their policy of exchanging the item for one in the same department is a lie, as well, as they would not allow me to do so.

After reading so many negative comments, I think something needs to be done. We are being treated as thieves, when Target is the one who is the fraud! I would suggest reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as I did.

It is not fair and should not be accepted! We are paying customers and should not be denied credit. I completely understand the policy in not providing a cash refund, but if we are not allowed to exchange defective, or duplicate items, and had no control in the gift receipt process, how are we accountable.

They are basically stealing our money!

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Fredericia, Syddanmark, Denmark #13126

First off I completely agree with Another Consumer. Second of all I work for Target, and completely agree with their return policies.

Theres a reason we cant exchange something defective or no receipt. It's so we dont eat the loss. Think about it, if it was your company would you want to take hits and blows all the time like Walmart does? Walmart may make all the sales and is industry leader, but is also the best place to steal from.

Walmart is run by complete *** monkeys. I could steal something from Best Buy and take it to Target, but without a receipt they wont take it back. But then i turn to Walmart and bam!

I get money or store credit. Either way their company is eating loss everyday, and is completely idiotic.

Dinuba, California, United States #2440

Does anyone really believe the BBB is in the consumer's corner? This organization is membership driven.

Members pay dues. Who are the members? Not the consumer..

It is the businesses folks. To me it resembles the "good ole' boy network"

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