Bought two Sanyo phones and two replacement plans, six months later the cable in one of the flip screen hinges began to snap and I lost the flip up screen.

Called the convient 877 number on the replacement plan sticker.

I was told the plan is not a replacement plan where you can walk in and get a replacement phone, but an extension to the manufactures warranty.

They said if the phones damage was caused by workmanship of failed components and is unrepairable, only then will I be issued by Sanyo a "Replacement", wherin target extended services will cover Sanyo for the replacement cost.

What a rip off! The package states "replacement plan", convenient product replacement for items under $200.00.

Under the heading of replacement plan benefits it states Convenient product replacement "No hidden fees - No hassles".

Make no mistake, this is not a "replacement plan" when the only time you get a replacement is when the manufacturers service center decides to give you one. The one year warranty on the phone does the exact same thing for free!

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I have been a Business man for more that 30 years in retail and l never see such RUDES, DISRESPECT,ARROGANCE AND BAD ACTITTUD of some of the HR MANAGER LIKE.. KATE/ *** / JOSSELYN that the way they treat their employees make then feel trash very unprofessional they don't belong to a serious corporation because they think they can act like DOGS without be watch maybe because the CEO of TARGET don't know their real FACES.


You've been had. You plan only "replaces" with a gift card in year 2.

Sanyo covers in year one and the service plan company has nothing to do with it.

Only if product doesn't work, not liquid or other damage. Class Action material.


Hey? Simon....?


Dude what are u some kinda ***? What did u expect.

Do u think Target manufactured the phone? Get a life, ***.

Target is in business to make money. If you don't like it, to dam bad.


It is a replacement plan. It's just not one you can come in and get one right off the shelves. As you found out, they send your phone off for repairs and you will get it replaced if it is unrepairable.

I think you're blaming Target for your own misconceptions.


Quit breaking your things and this wouldn't happen. You can't expect Target to eat the cost of your carelessness.

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