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I purchased the 2yr replacement with target for my Nikon camera. My camera is 1 yr old and I tried to get Nikon to fix it and they say there is impact to the front lens.

The only impact is internal. The camera is stalling after I take pictures. The 2yr plan supervisors at Target say they will just go by what Nikon said. That means you buy a product and spend your money on extra warranties/replacement plans but Target doesnt do extra to see whats wrong with your item.

They will just go by what 1st company say.WTW! I didnt buy replacement plan from Nikon I bought it from Target.DO NOT BUY their replacement plans NO GOOD

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No, what it means is that the warranty doesn't cover physical damage. There was physical damage on the camera.

End of story.

Pretty much all warranties are like this. They don't cover abuse.

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