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I just spent $300 at target, I spend thousands of $'s there a year however they won't give me the 5% redcard discount. I called customer service and they said my bill was 3 days past due so they shut down the card and they would not give me the 5% discount.

Really, 3 days! I pay my bill off on time every single month however this month my bill was due on Christmas day. I scheduled the payment through my bank online and it has not gone through yet probably because of the holidays and it being the weekend. If it was months past due I could understand but 3 days b/c of the holidays is ridiculous.

I would not have spent that much money or went to Walmart if I knew of this policy or even that my acct was past due by 3 days. Target has HORRIBLE customer service and RIDICULOUS policies!

They just lost a great customer, I'm shopping at Walmart from now on. They are lower priced anyways!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Douglassville, Pennsylvania, United States #589572

so.. you blame Target because you're irresponsible? if it's the holidays, it sounds like you need to figure out how to manage your bills and the right time to pay them so that they're on time.

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #587991

So to make sure I understand this, you spent $300.00, didn't pay your bill on time, but cry over a $15 discount?????

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