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Horrible customer service. The staff is ignorant and do not know the meaning of 'Customer Service'. And for the *** that they sell, the company should be kissing customer butt to get them back in the door.

Refused to refund money on credit card. I had a receipt, but took off the tags so that I could wash the Bedsheets before lying in them. Much hassle with a receipt.

2 days later, I returned 2 sets of sheets, unwashed and un opened because I couldn't find the receipt. I had all of the tags! And I used my Target charge card to avoid any problems. Customer service couldn't find the transactions in their computer system. What a joke. I am very ill and the 2 hours arguing with them set me back in my health for 2 days. I couldn't get out of bed because all of my energy had been drained.

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Earth to Philadeli(whatever the h**l)s, you can't returned soiled bedsheets to a store in hopes of getting your money back. Maybe a swap for some new ones, but who is going to take back soiled bed sheets.

You're dumb for thinking Target would take them you "lost" the receipt after just 2 days?? Are you serious???

Target had every right to deny you a refund. YOU are in the wrong.


It should of been posted that you "couldn't get out of my bed bug infested mattress for 2 days". Returning used sheets......If i were that manager I would of thrown you out based on your disgusting hygiene.


Drained of energy over bed sheets? Tell ya what sweetcheeks, if your a dude, why don't you and I break in those bed sheets and I will show you my bed spread and spread the warm gooey goodness of the cream of my balls all over your face.


Hey everyone. I am still drunk after reading this the first time.

I think I am going to move to Meth now. Any one wanna join me for a snort?


This has all the elements of a classic complaint.

* Insult the staff and call them rude or incompetent or go after their customer service skills because you didn't get your way.

* Although you made the mistake of removing tags or losing your receipt, assume that you are still perfect and the store is to blame.

* Use illness/age/ethnicity to garner some sympathy (although you forgot to mention you are a veteran that has served in 4 wars and have PTSD)

You just left out mentioning that you have been shopping at Target for 20 years and spend $1000 a week at Target and you'll never be back. Other than that, this complaint was almost perfect.


So let me get this straight, you tried to return used linens and got upset that they would not take them back.

Good for them. Bed linens are one of those things that once used (yes washing them is using them) they should be yours.

Then you try to return things without a receipt and get upset because they won't refund you?

Target customer service was adhering to their posted policies (policies which you agree to when you purchase an item) The fact is that you are a bad customer, and I am sure target will be happy if you never walk through thier doors again.


Wow! I need a drink after reading this!

Anyone wanna join me?


You hear that, commenters? You're making this poor freak drink again!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. ROFL

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