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Ordered a 2 piece swimsuit for daughter and elected to pay the extra shipping to expedite. When it tells you to review your order you have to make sure that you checked marked every item in your order for the expedited delivery.

Who would choose to have only one item shipped for more? Calling customer service was like talking to a wall. There is no "I am sorry that is confusing" -- you get, you SHOULD have checked more closely. I order online from various companies all the time.

I have NEVER had this type of experience. They refuse to apologize or make it right. I tell everyone of this experience.

I won't even go in the store anymore. TARGET SUCKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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oh shut up and just check the boxes.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #641930

How do you people get through life without a brain. Every websit is different.

I look over everything before I hit submit and I do not cry because they expect me to hit too many buttons. If you had a brain you would know that they ask you to check each item you want express shipping on because it costs exta and if you only need one of the items shipped express why would you want to pay the extra shipping for all of the items?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #630805

I, too, ran into the attitude you did at Target. My experience was in-store.

Not only did they not admit that they were wrong, they blamed me (like they did you) for not "inspecting" four boxes of contents before leaving the store! And I, too, tell everyone I possibly can about the experience.

Target is unreasonable with their policies, and their personnel seem to be schooled in blaming the customer. I wouldn't do business with Target again when other stores are much more customer friendly.

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