Prior to purchasing an item at customer service I asked whether the item could be returned. I was told that it could be returned with the receipt up to 90 days.

I specifically purchased it at customer service instead of a register to verify return. When I tried to return the item I was told it was 1 of the items that can't be opened and be returned. That was the opposite of what I was told when I purchased the item. I asked for the manager who was a trainee and he would not return the item.

The item was not acceptable and the screen was not a clear picture.I am not a regular customer of Target and will not purchase any other items from their store. I have purchased gift cards in the past for my clients and i will no longer do that

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #722302

Target would rather pay a company than to satisfy as a customer.

Target is a horrible, horrible store and should be closed down.


this is the newest SCAM they are refusing to return defective merchandise. They are also hiring a NEW COMPANY TO monitor your RETURNS.

What a joke an entire company that is collecting your DATA AND GOING to determine if you ARE MAking TO MANY RETURNS. Well don't you think that should be BASED ON WHAT YOU HAVE THE ability to BUY.

Someone that ownes 4 houses may have more returns than someone living in an apartment!! buying in bulk not at TARGET!

Herrin, Illinois, United States #718107

Purchased a tv was told could return with in 90 days brought back to target in Marion Il, where purchased. Was told no refund must call Manufacturer, still waiting.

Other Location, New York, United States #716553

First mistake....talking to a manager in training.....go back and deal with the store manager

to LTCC #719384

the store manager will not help you because they are usually even more strict with returning things... it will only disappoint you more...

usually the regular GSA or GSTL will try to override it if you are nice and kind...

if you are rude.... forget about it they will not even try to bend the rules..

to Anonymous #719391

Dispute with your credit card say the TV was defective and the store refused to return or exchange the item in accordance with their stated return policy...

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