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I received a gift card and went to buy something at Target for the first time. I am a diabetic so I can only drink sugar-free drinks.

Pepsi was on sale for 4 cartons for $11 so I picked up 20 cartons to use up my gift card. When I started to check out, the manager would not let me purchase the Pepsi. He decided I could only get 10 cases.

When I started taking 10 cases off the cart so I could buy the balance, the manger refused to let me do that. He took the Pepsi back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Dear Pepsi, I am from East Tennessee i have drank pepsi since child hood i am now 75 i have been drinking Pepsi One for the last serveral years my doctor said that i could drink all i wanted since i am a diabetic i thought that was great. now Pepsi one is gone now my doctor tells me do not drink caffine.

so i need a drink with no calories,no sugar, no caffine. splenda is the best sweetner.

any suggestions.


They can't stop you from actually purchasing the item however if you go over the limit they are suppose have you paid full retail because when pepsi goes on sale pepsi makes a deal with the store that they will give them so many units per customer if a customer exceeds that the store is responsible for making up the difference which causes a loss for the store


@ simon, diet pepsi is sugar free.

@ OP, like the others have said,usually there is a cap for sale items.. however, the manager should have explained to you the "limit" rather than leave you wondering what was going on.


As a general rule of thumb, we set a limit of sale-priced 12-pk sodas at 10 packages per customer, per day. He should not have taken away the 10 you decided to purchase, but you probably would have been stopped if you returned to the store to buy any more.


I think if you read the small print, retailers can set limits on sale items.


It isn't uncommon for stores to put limits on sale items. They call these items loss leaders.

They are sold below cost to get you through the door in hopes that you will buy more *** that the mountain of pepsi you originally came for.

I am willing to bet that there was an item limit on that sale which you exceeded.


20 cartons of Pepsi? Yeah, he had a right to be suspicious.

He probably thought you were doing to resell them for a profit.

I did not know Pepsi was sugar free. I guess you learn something new everyday.

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