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I went to the Target in Blaine, MN on June 26, 2012 with my kids to do some grocery shopping. While there, I noticed a sign that said the Dyson 24 Multifloor vacuum was on sale for $219 plus an $80 gift card.

The sign stated the sale lasted through 6/30. I have been wanting Dyson vacuum for awhile so I talked with my husband about it and went back on June 28th to buy the vacuum (dragging the kids along again). I noticed the sign was gone and the vacuum was regular price again. I asked several workers about this and ended up talking to the manager.

She said the price was a mistake and was taken down the afternoon of 6/26 and the vacuum was now regular price - even though the sign said the sale was until 6/30. She said there was nothing she could do and to call customer service.

I called customer service and they said it was the stores problem. I filed a complaint with the BBB for false advertising and we are still fighting about it and I have received NO apology for the mistake or any offer of compensation - just some ridiculous email stating it was a mistake (duh).

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matimm, you expect a company to lose money then? oh well, it's not the same price anymore.

get over yourself. if you want it that bad, then get your husband to buy the vacuum for you. mistakes happen and apparently it's okay for you to make them but if it's someone else, then you throw a fit. your complaint isn't that important, especially not important enough to be "documented" like it's a new law or something.

anonymous, just shut up.

everything you say is meaningless bulls**t. you have no reasons behind anything other than claiming that Target is so horrible, the use of smiley faces and of course, you pleasuring yourself to the complaints of others. you're truly a sick human being. a lonely one too.

get some help, loser.

Jedi, this woman is a child. next she'll want free cookies with her complaint.

Jedi Knight Ethan

I agree she needs to grow up and move on. I am sure even her children are more intelligent and mature than her.

Stop filling this simple woman's mind with utter nonsense, like she really has proof of false advertising. She doesn't. No printout, no ad, not even the name of a sales associate she SHOULD have confirmed the price with before leaving the store.

By the way, your last line: "I have received NO apology for the mistake or any offer of compensation"

Why would they compensate you when you didn't buy anything? And if anyone should be apologizing it should be you for being an overly entitled, selfish person in addition to wasting everyone's time.

Go cry more please. :cry :cry :cry :cry

to the op ~ we don't have control over what corporate tells us. if they tell us that we have to pull a promotion before it's supposed to end, then that's just what happens. the store does not have to honor any promotion once it's been pulled off the floor.

jeb - how target usually works w/ their gift card promotions is they will just subtract whatever amount (here, $80) from the original price, and there is your 'gift card.' if you ever return the vacuum, you'll also have to return the gift card or pay the difference.

Interesting how the jackals think YOU are the one who did something wrong!
Whether or not "Jeb" thinks Dyson has ever sold for the price you are stating is irrelevant! This wasn't "Jeb's" sale. If you turned this matter over to the BBB, obviously you have proof of false advertising. :p
I hope you prevail and once you do, that you repost to this site. It won't make the detractors back off, but at least you can declare your vindication. :p
Target is famous for doing things like this all the time. I hope you are the one who makes them answer for their deceptive practices! Good luck!!!!! 8)

I cannot find a Dyson 24 online for less than $250, much less $210 + $80 gift card. I've sold Dyson's at retail stores before and they have never had that type of promotion.

You were wrong and are NOT entitled to compensation because you were too lazy to stop and ask someone about the sale price. Grow up and move on.


Also how are they to believe you are telling the truth. I could claim they are selling the 3ds for $10 and say the sign said the sale was valid until July 12, 2099 and do they have to believe me.

You are just angry you did not get what you wanted. Instead of your children throwing temper tantrums you do it.


Well you don't want to receive the same treatment from Target, don't try to take advantage of their mistakes. This is not false advertising if they took the sign down.


Demanding a formal apology? Do you want Target to hold a major event which ends with the store manager being spanked by every customer who saw the sign?


Jedi Knight Ethan - Again with the name calling...not cool. I may not be "entitled" to the advertised sale price, but I do believe that I am entitled to an apology, which I have yet to receive.

When I make a mistake - the first thing I was always taught to do was apologize. I have handled all my interactions with Target without name calling or accusing the person who I am talking with (my guess is that person is not the one who made the error). However, I am very disappointed in the fact that I was inconvienenced because of an error on Target's part and have yet to have someone take responsibility for the problem. All they say is that they they can "document the complaint".

I am fully aware that I am not going to receive the sale price of the vacuum and can understand that someone made a mistake - however, I really don't like getting the run-around from a company that should hold themselves at a higher standard than this. Yes, I want my complaint well-documented - I don't want to receive this same treatment again from Target and I am going to do what it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.


No you are acting like a two year old. I lost my credibility because you are too thick and stubborn to admit you were wrong.

Grow up.

If you cannot even act like an adult than you can't be a good parent. What is inapporpriate is your behaviour.


A mistake was made and it was corrected. It's really not a big deal.

Someone made an error. That doesn't mean you are entitled to anything. Despite what a lot of people believe, a store is not obligated to honor pricing errors.

You can fight this all you want, but in the end, you will have no vacuum and a lot of wasted time and energy. My advice: Move on.

Hi Jedi - I am upset because the sign stated it would be on sale until the 30th and it obviously wasn't. I made a special trip to Target to purchase this item due to what the sign stated.

I agree that they made a mistake and that's unfortunate. However, when I make mistakes in my job and inconvenience people due to them, I am expected to apoligize and make it right. Target did not do this. The BBB did state I have a valid complaint and we are currently in discussion over it.

FYI to Jedi Knight Ethan - if you would like your comments to be considered valid - then I would suggest you try using a better approach than to attack my parenting skills and my husband - you've now lost all your credibility because you attacked me in a way that has nothing to do with the subject and is very innapropriate. Have a great day:)

So they fixed their mistake. What a good role model you are for your children, teaching them to take advantage of someone's mistake.

This is not false advertising. They don't need to offer you a thing. They took the sign down so it is not false advertising. I am sure your youngest child is smarter than you.

The truth is if they refused to honour the sigh on the 26th than it would be false advertising, but since they took it down they did nothing wrong so contacting BBB will mean nothing. You and your husband are both morons and are raising your kids the same.


You should have got it when the sign was up. When the sign is down it is no longer advertised.

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