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I bought a pair of snow pants last year for my son that turned out to be too big. I put them away for this year.

The first time he put them on, the snap popped right out of the fabric. I took them back and asked if they could help me. Nope, their hands are tied, they tell me. No receipt and no longer in their system.

It is a brand they carry in their store, and they have them in stock right now, just not last year's brand. I was ready -- despite the recent credit card debacle -- to exchange the pants and then spend a couple hundred dollars Christmas shopping. But they told me "this is how retail works." I've worked in customer service my entire life and this is what I know -- you make the customer happy. Any company that "ties" the hands of its managers in making good customer service decisions doesn't deserve to be in business.

And my thousands of dollars per year of business just walked out their door.

They saved themselves 13 bucks for a pair of snow pants and lost thousands of dollars per year in sales. Oh, their stupidity.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #765152

Store policy is store policy. There's a reason it's made.

You must be trippin on something if you expect a retailer to take something back from a year ago. This is YOUR fault!


Also if you are all offended that I am calling you morons. Go grow thicker skin.

At first I thought my son was careless with the snow pant snap. I smacked him and called him a ***. I thought it was his fault. Target made me blame my son for their DEFECTIVE product.

Target made my son cry because of their products and *** return policy. They lost $300 on a sale. I spent thousands a year. They lost that too.

Also it was not me that bought the pants for my son it was my EX.

to crazylegs Era, Texas, United States #762163

Ha caught.

"I bought a pair of snow pants last year for my son that turned out to be too big.I put them away for this year."

You said YOU bought them not your ex as you stated later on.

"Also it was not me that bought the pants for my son it was my EX.'

to crazylegs #775935

so you're a child abuser and an ***? No wonder you're single.

Kimball, Tennessee, United States #762151

Yeah thousands of dollars a year is going to break a company that makes at least ten times that that much in one day.

Also what kind of negligent parent does not know the size of her son's clothing. Oh the stupidity of that. You lost the receipt, and even if you had it since it was past the three month return policy they could not help you anyways.

What stupidity goes around when a parent does not even know the size of her son's clothing, and loses a receipt and blames the company. Then thinks her thousands of dollars means that much to a company that makes at least that much in a day much less a year.

I am sure that some pissed off Walmart shopper (possibly for the same stupidity as yours) will boycott them and make up for your cheap thousands a year.

Savannah, Georgia, United States #762041

We'll if llbeans refund policy is so much better go buy them there

to Anonymous #762127

Got them at Kohl's -- hassle free return policy.

Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, United States #761895

You were going to spend $300 AFTER you returned the $12 snow pants??? Hahahaha sure you were....

to Funny #762128

Yes, I was. But now I've been to Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond,, and Marshall's.

It was not unusual for me to walk out of Target having spent between $100 and $300. But I drove right by them today to get to the other stores. Their loss.

And seriously, you have nothing better to do than to troll this site to write disparaging comments about people who have gotten rotten customer service at Target? How much they pay you an hour?

to crazylegskk #763172

Way to go! I'm driving pass them too, Wish I had read your story earlier. It only takes one customer at a time

to samantha #763292

Thank you. The worse part is at first I blamed my son for being careless.

I actually smacked him when he said that the snapped popped out of the fabric. If it was not for my sons teacher later on who witnessed this happening I would still have thought it was his fault. Target owes both my son and I an apology.

The worst part is my son needed his teacher to explain that he was not careless because I did not believe him. I trusted their products.


The pants were DEFECTIVE. Doesn't matter when I bought them; they fell apart the FIRST time they were attempted to be worn.

LL Bean: doesn't matter when or why -- they refund your money, no questions asked. Same with Kohl's. Lots of other places to shop. Places that don't put $2 in materials cost ahead of thousands of dollars in sales.

If you don't think they should refund my money, that's your right to think that. But you have no mind for customer service/running a business if you think that *** off a customer over something that cost you a couple of bucks to produce is the way to go. I wasn't asking for a REFUND; I was asking them to EXCHANGE a pair of defective snow pants that they sold me.

And then I was going to go spend $300. If you think they made the wise decision, you are the morons.

to crazylegskk #761889

Target is the second largest retailer in the world; and they are only trailing Wal-Mart where they have the same type of rules. *** all you want, they are very successful.

Deland, Florida, United States #761712

Their stupidity?! How long do you think a return/exchange policy is good for?

I got news for you, it's pretty much always 30 days.

And you had no receipt? Good luck at any other retailer if you really think that is going to solve the problem.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #761709

You bought these pants over a year ago....regardless of all the other tripe you wrote.....of course they will not take them back.....what planet do you freakin live on...cheapsville

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