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so on nov-11-2011 at the HOUSTON TX,TARGET steeplechase store; i [senior] checked out-i SAID had "coupons"! BUT, she closed out the register,I WENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.I SAID; MY BILL DID NOT REFLECT MY COUPONS!!

THIS PROCESS WAS *** !-i.e.- PERHAPS BECAUSE im white--shes black-!-ANYWAY-she grabbed the coupons from my hand/refused ANY SERVICE PERIOD!-[i reported all this to a 1-800 number]-THEY SAID NOTHING IN RESPONSE !-TARGET'S rude policy; BY CUSTOMER SERVICE/CASHIERS IS--- THE cause FOR EVERY customers grief! IT speaks reams about TARGET-so-IM DONE-FOREVER!

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Not too mention coupons have an expiration date for a reason. You just like every other American cannot use a coupon after the expiration date.

What makes you think you're an exception to the rule you old gummer? How many cats do you have and shouldn't you be watching Matlock instead of being on here?


Learn some proper grammar you old gummer. Your ignorance and stup1dity shows through your poor grammar.


Because you are a freshman and you want to date him!?!?!?! Go Tasha, go Tasha, go Tasha.


Looks like the "senior" old owl is upset because a "non white" is so much more intelligent than he/she. And exactly what the he11 has being a "senior" have to do with anything?


expired coupons cannot be used u *** ***! You dont even know how to write your sentences properly!! ***!

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