I have had a Target Red card for about three year but I had not used the card in about a year and a half. The card had a $500 credit limit and bought a TV at Target.com for $300.00.

Within two weeks I made almost $175.00 in payments toward the TV. When I went to Target to buy a DVD player for my mom I was told that I did not have enough credit. I called customer services and they said they had reduced my credit to $200 because I had not used the card in a while. They never informed me that my credit was being reduced.

I also explained that I have good credit, no history of late payments with their company but most importantly, I was NOT notified of the credit reduction. I called customer service three times to address the issue but never received an appropriate response. Last week I received a letter from Target that they had reviewed my situation and still refused to raise my credit limit back up from $200. Since they do not want me to spend money at their store, I immediately cancelled the card and then I was asked if “there was anything they could do?” They were only interested in “fixing” my situation after it was going to cost them money.

I will never go to Target again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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