I like target.

Its one of my favorite stores, but the red card is a scam. it's marketed as a no fee debit card that comes right out of your account. What I assume with a debit card is that they check your balance then they authorize the transaction. If you have money or overdraft your approved otherwise your declined.

Worst case you owe your back money for the overdraft protection. When you use your Target “debit” card you are writing a check. It will be presented to your bank several days later. If it doesn’t clear Target will charge you $30 and your bank may charge you the same, but you have also just written a hot check and can be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor..

and they could report you to the check systems as a hot check writer. What? They failed to mention this. The banks can't do this anymore without your permission on debit cards.

Target can because they are not a bank. Yes it did happen to me, except the reporting part. Three red card transactions all less than 3$ they charged me $90.

Oh but they ran the transactions again and they all cleared, so I didn't owe the 5$ just the 90$ fee. Shop target just stay away from the red card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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This card is not a scam. It is a debit card.

It is not Targets fault that you do not manage your finances properly for your checking account. Do not buy things if you don't have money in your checking account. I am a red card member and have saved countless amounts of money as a result of being a member. So why did they take several days to deduct something from checking account.

Keep up with it yourself!


Take this info from someone who works on the inside,this card is a deal with the banks that makes Target have a quota to sell to the public each day ..the public thinks they are getting a deal with 5%,which in fact Target gains a lot of money and so does the banks,the banks in turn makes the commission on each person they sign up..its all about making money,yes,but the public is only saving 5%,think about it..i Refuse to push this card onto the public no longer..debit or credit..wouldnt you rather get a 50% deal?..than 5%?..they are getting richer and the public are getting ripped off


It's a check card. 3 weeks after I used it they took the money out.

I had the money in there but I hate it taking so long. I never write checks for that reason.

I think if someone doesn't realize it could take so long it may throw them off. I expected a few days at the most.


This is how debit cards work. It's not because it is a debit card through Target.

Many retailers and restaurant transactions are not automatically withdrawn on the day of the transaction. Honestly, you would prevent any overdraft fees if you balanced your account and kept track of your spending.


why shop at a store that is doing what you claim.

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