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I went to purchase over $100 in merchandise and was told since I accidentally through away the receipt with my new red card number I could not get the 5% until my card arrived. There is no way to find me in the system.

Really?!? You took my checking account info, I am sure that is attached to my social security number. I find it hard to believe you systems are not sophisticated enough to do this tracking.I left my merchandise with the friendly, but unhelpful customer service.

I am a pissed consumer and plan to shop else where in the future.

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My suggestions for you..NEVER throw away receipts. Even if it was a small shopping.

How about if you double scanned items and later you found out that it costs you more than you bought?

So, don't come & complain. You got what you deserved!

Los Angeles, California, United States #629529

Oh no! You were a silly head and threw that old receipt away!

And you want to get that 5% off of the 100 dollars you spent as a regular consumer without having proof or using your RedCard? How barbaric of the corporation to not collapse to your desire to use their privilege without providing proof that you are part of the program.

And how terrible that they do not allow access to your personal information by hundreds of thousand of employees that will most likely not be working at Target in the next 2 or more years. is Target that has wronged you....

to Hmmm #629563

Sure hmiller18. Just because every other store on the planet can pull up your charge records doesn't mean Target will.

This they protect your privacy for, but not to purchase items you have to prove your age for, duhhh. DON'T YOU GET IT, SILLY HEAD?

AND you plan to shop somewhere else? Targets' employees MIGHT get mad and call you names!


WOW! you are *** Target doesnt have that info on file for YOUR SAFETY!

Or any of the team members could steal your soical. This is to keep you safe. Maybe in the future you wont be an *** and throw away you temp.

card. This is not the companys fault this is your fault.


People either complain that companies are stealing personal information, and people complain that they aren't for their own benefit such as this. Why should the store be liable for receipts when the receipts are the customer's responsibility?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #626059

Oh pleze - they can change their software. Go sell that c.r.a.p.

down the river somewhere like naive town.

They are protecting our data from ......ourselves? By scanning it into THEIR computers?


I use to work at Target. They do it to protect your data. It's too easy to scam that info.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #625549

Oh - they will miss your entitled a$$ if it's holding money. Good for you!!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #625353
I'm sure they'll miss your entitled a$$. :roll :roll

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