So I canceled my Target Red Card recently after twice calling to request an increase in my credit limit. Once in December when I wanted to purchase some electronics for gifts.

I was told no credit increases were allowed during December. Huh!I should back-up a little and explain when I got the card my credit limit was $2,000, but because I hadn't gone into debt charging items at Target over time my credit limit was reduced to a measly $200. That's a great incentive for someone to shop for Christmas gifts at Target. I promptly took my business elsewhere.When I called again last week I was told no again.

Then the rep started asking me why I haven't been using my card enough to suit Target? Huh! In other words if I promised to buy a lot of stuff on my card they would consider raising my limit. I told him my shopping habits weren't Target's business and to please cancel my card.For a company to penalize customers for not charging some arbitrary amount on their card is *** and insulting to my intelligence (what's left of it after talking to their customer service).

For example: when I don't spend enough at Nordstrom all that happens is I'm not invited to the Presale or VIP events; if I don't spend $500 annually at Kohl's I don't get the coupons in the mail; Macy's sends me coupons no matter.

You get the idea. I have credit cards with $25k+credit limits and nothing happens when I don't use them, or pay them off monthly.As I told CS, there are thousands of places to spend my money and so long Target!

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I would like to get a target red card so that I can buy some camping gear.


I have had my RED CARD for just a few months, and was told today that TARGET will not be putting the description of what was purchased on the web site, just the cost (and, I guess, the date of purchase). This seems very odd to me, and would be interested to see if the info is correct? Has anyone else run into this?


Why is everyone complaining about Target screwing with their credit? Target has nothing to do with what the credit limit on your card is.

You have a card issued by and independent credit company with Target's name on it. If you have a complaint it should be with the company that issued the card, not Target.


Hahaha if you have cards with $25K +, why are you wasting your time going on a rant about your $200 Target credit line?!! Maybe your usage is way up there on other cards!

Sounds like you're omitting a factor that is preventing Target from granting you a credit line increase on your $200 limit. It's almost always that those who post tantrums about how unfair credit card companies have mistreated them are NOT taking responsibility for their overall management of credit card use.


hello my credit limit is 300$ and I just want it to be increase how am I suppose to do that

to Godwin #1541702

Here's my experience with the Target REDcard. My initial credit line was $800, three months later $1,400, at nine months $2,700, and now at 11 months $9,000.

I make purchases weekly at three nearby Target stores, just the necessities i.e. groceries, household goods, etc. and pay them off online as soon as they post online. I purchase in-store, online for pick-up, and online for qualified FREE deliveries.

With a handful of exceptions, my purchases have been anywhere from $5 - $30. Whenever I'm out of town and I need something from Target, I use my card. I don't spend much on a monthly average, maybe around $100 - $125. I also try to make purchases from every department when I find the need.

It's just a theory, but my usage is frequent, consistent, and crosses all departments. Maybe my shopping habits peg me as a cardholder with the potential of responsibly utilizing the credit line given. FYI, at the time of application I was 13 months fresh out of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

My annual income is $94K. How this helps!


If you have a card with a $25,000 credit limit, why do you need a target card? Why not keep it all on one card?


I hear you and agree. I have ID theft, and am cautious where I use cards with higher limits.

It's none of Targets business what I buy, when I buy it, I r how often I uses their card. Reducing ones limit is their perogative, but to penalize a person for not wanting to go in debt by blowing a $2000 limit is screwed up. The job market has been raped by Republicans sending jobs over seas.

I personally am not going in debt over their polices because they want to reduce a limit. Target beware...you keep that up and people will choose to shop elsewhere.

to Anonymous #1541705

You don't have to go into debt, you simply have to show a need for the card. Why grant you a credit line increase if you don't use the card on a regular basis?

Clio, Michigan, United States #749721

Yes, its a strange company. They told me they never do increases.

To me, that's just not smart business.

I've had a perfect record with them for years, and my income has increased quite a bit, so it makes no sense. As the others have stated, I will take my business elsewhere.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #642238

OMG! Eye Roll! :upset

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #642231

I read most of the comments and was a little surprised. I guess the issue is with the Red Card Credit Card I have the Red Card Debit Card because I don't want to take a change getting in trouble with debt on a credit card - if I can't pay for it I don't need it.

I love my Red Card I get 5% off just for using it which is great. The only problem I have had is trying to get an additional Red Card for my husband I can't seem to get thru on the phone and haven't found how to do it on line if there is a way.

Also, I have never had an issue with returns or exchanges but of course I have never waited a couple of months to return an item, surely the problem existed earlier than a couple of months? Just wondering.


And when Target does a job on you and your credit, you will reconsider which credit card you SHOULD carry.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #638589

I have had a Target Red Visa for about six years and they have automatically increased my limit a couple times. I also don't buy a lot at Target.

Most of what I use it for is online shopping from different sites. There again not buying much from the Target site. It also kind of goes in spurts how much I use it.

I should say that is the only credit card I have. I can't see any sense in having cards from several stores when one will do the job.

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