So I canceled my Target Red Card recently after twice calling to request an increase in my credit limit. Once in December when I wanted to purchase some electronics for gifts.

I was told no credit increases were allowed during December. Huh!I should back-up a little and explain when I got the card my credit limit was $2,000, but because I hadn't gone into debt charging items at Target over time my credit limit was reduced to a measly $200. That's a great incentive for someone to shop for Christmas gifts at Target. I promptly took my business elsewhere.When I called again last week I was told no again.

Then the rep started asking me why I haven't been using my card enough to suit Target? Huh! In other words if I promised to buy a lot of stuff on my card they would consider raising my limit. I told him my shopping habits weren't Target's business and to please cancel my card.For a company to penalize customers for not charging some arbitrary amount on their card is *** and insulting to my intelligence (what's left of it after talking to their customer service).

For example: when I don't spend enough at Nordstrom all that happens is I'm not invited to the Presale or VIP events; if I don't spend $500 annually at Kohl's I don't get the coupons in the mail; Macy's sends me coupons no matter.

You get the idea. I have credit cards with $25k+credit limits and nothing happens when I don't use them, or pay them off monthly.As I told CS, there are thousands of places to spend my money and so long Target!

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hello my credit limit is 300$ and I just want it to be increase how am I suppose to do that


If you have a card with a $25,000 credit limit, why do you need a target card? Why not keep it all on one card?


I hear you and agree. I have ID theft, and am cautious where I use cards with higher limits.

It's none of Targets business what I buy, when I buy it, I r how often I uses their card. Reducing ones limit is their perogative, but to penalize a person for not wanting to go in debt by blowing a $2000 limit is screwed up. The job market has been raped by Republicans sending jobs over seas.

I personally am not going in debt over their polices because they want to reduce a limit. Target beware...you keep that up and people will choose to shop elsewhere.

Clio, Michigan, United States #749721

Yes, its a strange company. They told me they never do increases.

To me, that's just not smart business.

I've had a perfect record with them for years, and my income has increased quite a bit, so it makes no sense. As the others have stated, I will take my business elsewhere.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #642238

OMG! Eye Roll! :upset

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #642231

I read most of the comments and was a little surprised. I guess the issue is with the Red Card Credit Card I have the Red Card Debit Card because I don't want to take a change getting in trouble with debt on a credit card - if I can't pay for it I don't need it.

I love my Red Card I get 5% off just for using it which is great. The only problem I have had is trying to get an additional Red Card for my husband I can't seem to get thru on the phone and haven't found how to do it on line if there is a way.

Also, I have never had an issue with returns or exchanges but of course I have never waited a couple of months to return an item, surely the problem existed earlier than a couple of months? Just wondering.


And when Target does a job on you and your credit, you will reconsider which credit card you SHOULD carry.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #638589

I have had a Target Red Visa for about six years and they have automatically increased my limit a couple times. I also don't buy a lot at Target.

Most of what I use it for is online shopping from different sites. There again not buying much from the Target site. It also kind of goes in spurts how much I use it.

I should say that is the only credit card I have. I can't see any sense in having cards from several stores when one will do the job.

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