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I hadn't used my Target card for some time. The balance was zero.

I received notice they were reducing my credit line by 75% because I hadn't used it!! These idiots just dinged my credit report for no reason! How is that legal? I don't think Target can use the bad publicity!

I will be cancelling their card and will NEVER shop there again. I refuse to allow these corporate giants to dictate my credit score!

I will post this information about Target every time and in every place I get the opportunity! I hope Target goes out of business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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Auburndale, Florida, United States #1040054

Just looked at my balance for over a year. Thought I'd go put it to use and buy some fall clothes then pay it right back off.

They DECREASED my credit limit? I've had the card since 2007and just mentioned yesterday..they have never increased my limit..oh well. But to decrease it for non use and screw with my credit score?

Bad business. Cancelling as soon as they open the phone lines tomorrow 9 27 2015!


look for the employee site i hate target dot net you will see some really interesting things about how target really operates. the red card sucks and it is about time you found that out!!


I understand that you are upset, but I also wonder if you are even old enough to have a credit card. You can state how upset you are, but when you result to childish name calling it makes me wonder if you are 10 or 11 years old? If you never used the card in the first place why does it bother you that they reduced the limit?

Orlando, Florida, United States #840784

The REDcard credit cards are issued by TD Bank USA, so your beef should be with TD Bank not Target. TD Bank are the ones who control the money, therefor they control the interest, fees and limit.

Also in the credit card agreement that you chose to abide by it says " You agree that we may establish a credit limit

for your Account (“Credit Limit”). You agree that we may change

a Credit Limit at any time for any reason not prohibited by law,

including, but not limited to, changes in your credit capacity,

your pattern of payments to us, or your purchasing behavior."

In other words TD Bank chose to change your credit limit based on your purchase behavior which they are allowed to do and that YOU agreed to let them do it.


Target does suck. However, that would not affect your credit score directly. The only thing that it would affect is that your credit score would RAISE at a slower rate due to a decreased line of funds.

to Anonymous #1040056

Wrong...available credit purchasing power decreased! Having a greater credit limit and lesser amount owed is good.

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