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I purchased a kitchen aid mixer that can only be ordered online. I wanted the cranberry color specifically which is why I chose online ordering.

I received my mixer about 5 days later and they had sent me a white one. No phone call to ask if id like a different color if they happened to no longer have the color I ordered. I call the store and they tell me to call the target online phone number so I sit on hold forever waiting for someone to assist me. Finally someone picks up who barely speaks English so I ask to speak with a supervisor!

By this point I'm pretty aggravated because I'm wasting my day dealing with an problem they had caused. The supervisor comes on the phone who also barely can speak English! I explain my situation and she says "We will have to send a form to have this investigated. You will need to call back in a week and see if we know why they sent the wrong color." Wrong!

It is a week before Christmas and I want the mixer I ordered before Christmas!! I ended up hanging up on this rude lady and I call the store. I get a nice gentleman (the GM) who tells me he will refund my money onto a gift card so I can order another mixer.

Instead of ordering cranberry color which I truly wanted I decided to settle with silver in the hopes I actually get the right color! The online order people need to get it together, this is ridiculous!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Lack of communication, Lack of knowledge.

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Just because someone makes a comment on your post, it does not mean they actually work for the company you are whining about. Just click on Kevin Richard's username and you'll see that he has responded to dozens of different companies.

Another thing, when a customer service person tells a customer 'I'm sorry, we can't change the company policies for you' its not the same thing as being rude.

I have come to find that the only time a retail associate is rude to a customer is when the customer is rude to them first. I don't work for Target.

to Grow up Orange, California, United States #918304

Exactly, she seems to have anger issues and I am glad the neighbor called before she seriously injured or killed her child.

to KevinRichards #918333

You are a lame excuse for a human being! Karma is a ***. Go find someone else to harass little boy!

to Rac***eb89 Orange, California, United States #918337

You have no right to call me a little boy when you behave like you are six years old. I am not harassing you, just stating the truth, if you take your anger against Target on your children you deserve to have them taken from you. You beat helpless children(your own) because you are unable to control your temper, you are a sorry excuse of a human being and a horrible parent.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #917896

PS I am not six years old, I was born in 89. If you had half a brain you would be able to tell this just by my username. With CPS taking my children from me just days before Christmas and all of this I am very stressed out which is why my grammar is terrible.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #917895

Also see those two kids in my avatar, they are my daughters, because i was PISSED at target I was not thinking straight, i called them down to dinner and one of them was still playing on her xbox. I grabbed her roughly by the arm and left bruises, a teacher noticed them and called CPS and they took both my daughters from me and placed them in a foster home today, just eight days before Christmas do don't reply to me because i am so angry and hurt right now because of your company wronging me Kevin Richards.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #917888

You must work for target kevin otherwise you wouldn't be picking out *** little reasons to talk *** to someone! And quite frankly I was PISSED off as most people are on this site which could be why I didn't use perfect grammar!

Simply letting people know target online people do not know what they are doing! Get a life!

to Rac***eb89 Orange, California, United States #917892

You must be six year old to ASSume that because I pointed out your errors that I work for Target. Then again with your many spelling and grammar errors it is obvious you cannot read.

Get mommy to click on my username and you will see that I have posted comments telling off many people from many different companies. Does this mean I work for all those companies, you probably believe so, however if you talk to mommy she would tell you it is not possible for a person to have worked for 23 or so different companies. You do not have to use proper grammar, but at least if you are using incorrect grammar don't make comments about how another person cannot speak English. You don't like the replies you get on this reply go cry to mommy.

People are free to comment on here as they like.

How do we know you are not lying, after all you lied when you said I work for Target. If you lied about this what else are you lying about in your review?

Orange, California, United States #917879

Also how was the lady rude to you, did she say "no". With your spelling and grammar errors and the fact that you most likely mistook being told no, or not getting the answer that you wanted makes me believe you are six years old.

Orange, California, United States #917877

When you have spelling and grammar mistakes you have no right to complain about someone for poor English. Target is a proper noun and therefore should begin with a capital letter.

I'd is not spelled Id.

You need to double space between sentences. You need to get it together and learn how to spell and use proper grammar, most of the mistakes you made are taught way back in the first grade.

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