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Boycott Target - They impose fees and are not willing to reverse them. Their employees are arrogant and unwilling to resolve the concerns and issues in a satisfactory manner.

I will not be shopping at target any longer and advise others to not shop their either.

Finally received a statement....months later after initial charge.....paid total bill including late fees......called customer service to complain.......they told me I lied about not receiving statement.

VERY Rude, would not provide a US number. Target has given me no choice but to go the Social Media route and TV/Newspaper BOYCOTT THEM!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I love this argument that people use, "I didn't get my bill that I am responsible for, therefore I don't think I should have to pay the late fees!" What a freaking joke. You enjoyed the use of the items you chose for those months your "bill never came" right?

One would think as they are using the item, wow I never got the bill for this item I bought two months ago, maybe I should be responsible and call to find out where my bill is? Be a grown up and pay your freaking bills!


Whether you receive a statement or not it is your responsibility to make payments on time. If you keep up with your finances you should know what is due and when.

Statements get lost, so if you don't get one then it's your responsibility, as an adult, to still make your payment. Just because you don't receive your statement you still have to pay for you're stuff, its called theft otherwise.

to Anonymous #853240

I am just surprised that she was even allowed to get a credit card from them at her age, I mean judging from the fact that she refuses to take responsibility for her actions and blames someone else(Target) my guess is she is seven years old?


since the breech they are losing market share down massive data breach this past winter to come to $148 million in the period, which will be offset by $38 million in insurance. It also paid $1 billion to retire $725 million in debt.

Target Corp. has been reeling since it announced in December that hackers stole millions of customers' credit- and debit-card records.

The theft hurt the chain's reputation and profits and spawned dozens of legal actions. Target is facing troubles on a number of other fronts as well, including the perceptions that its prices are higher than those at Wal-Mart

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