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I need to make you aware of what horrible service I received in trying to return my order. After waiting on hold for over 20 minutes, a "supervisor" named Sang who I could tell was reading from a script (and rather poorly) at that.

I am trying to return a dresser I purchased for my child's room that weighed 100 lbs. Instead of taking it to UPS or USPS, I was requesting to get it picked up from my home. She informed me that it didn't qualify because pick up orders had to be over 100lbs to qualify. So- I am responsible for taking a 100 lb dresser back to UPS or USPS by myself?

Please tell me how that is possible when I also will have 3 kids with me (5 and under)? I would almost understand if I just didn't like the item, but the item was DAMAGED! There was a crack down the side of the entire piece.

Please advise because as Sang informed me, I couldn't speak to anyone above her because she was a supervisor and it pretty much ended there. She did offer me a 5% discount for my trouble which at this point is insulting.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Same issue with a crib that's cracked. Yep 6 months pregnant and I am supposed to lug it back to the store!

to Anonymous #856966

Well if you had not slept around and slept with men, you would get your husband to do this, or at least known who the father of your child was and have him do this for you.


target sucks. next time dont order furniture from tarshit. i hate target dot net check it out they just dont treat customers like tarshit employees get treated the same way

First Born Triplet

You should have told them it weighed 101 pounds then.

to First Born Triplet #856982

Lol thanks I will try that, hopefully it works. :D But still it is hard to take care of three children and it is harder even with CPS on my back all the time.

They just recently removed my children which added more to my stress. I don`t mean to harm my children. With my husband gone for 16 hours 6 days a week it is hard to raise three children under the age of five. I am allowed supervised visits only when my husband is home.

I am working on anger management and stress management right now to get my children back. You were the only one that is nice to me, the others post comments accusing me of being a single mother who keeps having sex with men I don`t know.


Wow, she did give you a five percent discount, and that was disappointing, what did you want a 50 percent discount, and since I don't hear about a father in this situation I am assuming you are a single parent and don't know who the father of your children are. Parents have to take their children everywhere, and if you think you should get special rules just for you because you are a single mother who cannot keep her legs crossed you have a lot of nerve.

to Anonymous #856785

Wow you are a *** I am not a single mother and honestly my husband is gone 6 days a week 16 hours a day. Why should he spend his time dealing with fixing targets mistake. Hey loser sorry you have to work retail.

to Anonymous #856970

Also I may not have my children much longer since CPS took them away. It is hard being a single parent it stresses me out and this incident makes me stressed out and I unfortunately took it out on my children So now we have lost our children the only time I am allowed visits is when my husband is at home.

Before anyone attack me for abusing my children keep in mind that I admit I was wrong, and am seeking help. Just being alone with them and having problems like this from Target stresses me out and I am working on way to deal with my stress, so don`t judge me losers.

to Anonymous #856975

You are not working your problems out if you are blaming other people for your actions and until you accept blame and take responsibility for your abusing your children you will not get them back. Kudos to CPS for taking them from you for the right reasons, many time they take the children from loving homes and keep the children in abusive homes and they end up dying by their parents abuse.

I am glad they took your children from you before you seriously injure them or kill them. Target may be wrong in this, but it was you who hurt your children not Target, until you take responsibility for that you won`t get them back. Also just because your husband works six days a week and 16 hours(most likely to get away from you) does not mean you should get preferred treatment. Also to ASSume someone works in retail because they sided with the company and to call people losers makes you seem like you are eleven years old.

You are not mature enough to be a parent, until you grow up and act your ate your children will be kept from you. I am glad they took your children, clearly you are abusive both physically and verbally. In this case CPS did the right thing(and that is rare).

You don`t deserve those children if you are going to harm them and blame other for your anger. I had my share of bad service, and stress but I never used that as an excuse to hit my children.

to Anonymous #856981

I don`t work in retail, but your assuming I do because I simply started the truth makes me wonder more if you are a single 15 year old girl who get pregnant and does not have a daddy. This is part of being a parent, taking your children with you if your husband is working.

Perhaps you should stop having children. It is a shame your husband is gone for 6 days a week and 16 hours a day and still you need more than a five percent discount. Then again you said he is gone that long and not that he works. Perhaps he is going to bars, or just trying to get away from you.

After all you act like a child by assuming I work in retail. I don`t. By saying this you are lying. If you are lying about me working in retail what other lies are you telling.

Did this really happen or are you making this up in hopes to get more of a discount. Did you damage the furniture yourself to get a bigger discount. If you can lie and say I work in retail when I don`t what other lies are you telling. Once you lie no one believes you.

You are probably lying about the husband as well because calling someone a loser makes proves you are a 15 year old skank who got pregnant and does not know which member of the baseball team or foot ball team is the father.

This site is for adults I suggest if you are going to act like a teenager you leave this site. Name calling and lying about where someone works is a teenager behavior.

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