You get treated like *** with a reciept to exchange something and get the same arrogant attitude without ? .

And most of the managers that give the attitude think there better than you and have only been out of school 6 months .is there any respect or old fashion service in this world .young people today need to pull there heads out of there arses and learn how to be helpfull to the consumer instead of belittling people life is very different these days .

They get paid more and do a lot less .......... I hope when they go to return something they get the same attitude and arrogance from others .

Monetary Loss: $60.

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At least the managers have been to school and graduated, with your spelling and grammar doubt you made it to first grade. Most likely you "forgot" to mention was you were trying to make a return after 90 days. Yeah the managers would get the same arrogant attitude if that is the issue.


Your complaint isn't very informative. Basically all you are doing is putting the employees down for not jumping to do what you want.

I'm sure there was a legitimate reason for them not doing your exchange even though you had a receipt. A manager might have only been out of school for six months but that doesn't mean anything because more than likely they had been working in a retail store for at least two years. A lot of managers start out as cashiers or stock people and work their way up to shift manager, assistant manager and so on.

All you are doing is showing your lack of education with your poor punctuation, spelling, and capitalization skills. Proof read your complaint.

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