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Read this first before you purchase anything at Target. For all of you Lullaby and Wedding Club people, your right of return even for defective items will be limited because Target does NOT stand behind its merchandise.

Here is what I learned when I purchased an item in furniture (an ottoman with a hinged top). The furniture item became defective after 3 months (the hinge failed). I tried to return the item at the store and was told that I could not return it because the receipt expired. Then, I was told a few things about Target's return policy that are NOT Published: (1) If a customer returns more than $70 in any given year, then Target can refuse to return the item, even with a receipt; (2) Receipts have an expiration date printed on the receipt (look for it next to the date of purchase). In general, the return period for anything is the earlier of the "return date" or 90 days. After that date, you will be treated as if you do not have a receipt at all; (3) Target will only allow you to "exchange" the item(s) for another item in the SAME Department - not the store at large! The “exchange” will be limited to $70 even if your receipt shows that your purchase was over $70, and (4) the store manager can allow you to exchange the item for items in another department, at the store manager's sole and exclusive discretion. Except for the 90 day policy and the "return by" date, none of the rules above appear on the Target website, the ticket, or are known by Customer Service.

Now back to my situation... I told the manager of the Target store that I expect furniture items to last more than 90 days and that I expected Target to provide me with a return or a gift receipt. I was told that I could only exchange the item for another of equal value in the same department - not the store! I called a different Target store and was told that the Manager has the option to authorize an exchange in a different department, for example groceries. I checked the Target return policy on-line and also by calling customer service. The policy on-line does not cover this situation and customer service is staffed by automatons in the Philippines who are infuriatingly polite but are incapable of solving any problem that extends beyond their simple script. In my case, I went back to the store and spoke to another manager who pointed out that my receipt expired (I’ve never heard of such a thing) and said that it was like having no receipt at all. For the record, my receipt “expired” 3 weeks earlier, then the ottoman broke. The manager said that they would do me a favor. She told me that my only option was to exchange the item for which I paid $108 for $70 in groceries. It was a terrible deal, but I took it and lost $38 dollars – some favor!

If Target has a “return-to-department-only policy”, then it should be published on its web site or on the back of the receipt. If Target allows its managers to exchange merchandise at the manager's sole discretion, then this should be published as well. If you are expected to lose money when Target’s merchandise breaks after 90 days, then this should be published on the web site. Word to the wise: If you believe that the items you purchase should have a shelf life longer than toilet paper, then don’t shop at Target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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Edgewater, Florida, United States #659132

Exactly! They won't honor a defective item.

You should be able to return defective item(s) and Target should deal with the manufacturer - they are the ones selling the merchandise and continue selling manufacturer's merchandise.

In the end, it all boils down to they offer poor, poor sucky customer service. NEVER again will purchase from Target.


"1) If a customer returns more than $70 in any given year, then Target can refuse to return the item, even with a receipt;"

That is not true. The $70 limit is only for returns without receipts. You cry over return limitations. Returns are a privilege, not a right. You're lucky they're willing to do anything for you if you don't have a receipt or past the return period.

"my receipt expired (I’ve never heard of such a thing)"

Well, just because you haven't heard of something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You don't know everything. You're on here spewing *** about a manager that went out of his way and outside company policy to help you. You're a real class act.


Thank u for the warning. I don't want to purchase nothing from a place where it brakes and they won't help u.

Houston, Texas, United States #656720

No retailer will affect a return on an item after the posted return date has passed, which is what I assume you mean by "expired receipt". You yourself stated that the furniture item broke three weeks after the 90 day return policy. Go to the manufacturer, otherwise you gotta go with whatever the store management offers.

to Anonymous Bradenton, Florida, United States #672233

You are wrong, Anonymous in Houston. In case you didn't know, an ETHICAL company WILL return an item if it breaks, even after the expiration unless it is past a year or two warranty, which makes sense.

Ninety days does NOT make sense. You obviously have no idea what customer service and good-faith business dealings is all about.

You must work for Bank of America. LOL.

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