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If you are part of a minority and you speak with an accent you are going always to have problems trying to get a better position!.

I have a college degree with more of 6 years of college that included at list one semester of credits in areas of Team Supervision, Management, ect. I have been team lieder in Europe (2 years- Real State field) and in my country in south america ( Educational Supervisor and School Director) from where I come from. I used to own my own company and had more than 20 people working, I speak 4 languages, ect.

In Target I get only the less paid jobs and my goal of become a team lieder is something I know I have to forget about and I see time after time how white Americans who are nice but have no idea about how to supervise, who are far from how making the best of their employees because they just don't know how!.

I never got the chance to probe I can do more, than my accent wont let my years of college education and experience become suddenly nothing. I am certain all this is because I have an accent, I don't see any other reason.

Now, when I have been mistreated as an employee with people screaming at me, acting unfairly, ect. I have a full list of situation that would discrive what I am saying!

I don't see my way to get in Target a position where I could do my best, a kind of job like the ones I did before. When you have been the boss and you always cared for treating your people good, being fair and making workers feel good so they do better to make my company do better and now you have a boss who is far from being so ! That doesn't t feel right any more and so as been Target for me, a huge disappointment where I have been even mistreated and treated unfairly doing a job that was totally new for me.

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"Who owns who now, Simple Simon?"

I own you. Simple.

Don't let the door hit you, man. Thanks for playing.


Who owns who now, Simple Simon?

See, I have tired of you, so.....

Peace - out!!

:grin :? :cry :( BURN :grin :eek :cry
You wish you could see my face right now? No problem

:grin Imagine that with a lot more laughter.

The funniest part is that you were expecting me to be so surprised. HERE'S THE CLIFFHANGER!!! LMAO!!! Wow, you really got me there, my jaw was on the floor! LOL!

I still believe you're a male (in need of serious mental help), but even if you're a woman why would I give a ***? What makes you think that matters one little tiny bit? You are so delusional! I feel bad to keep picking on you because you're just so mentally upside down, but you started this.

The only thing I am surprised about (but still don't believe) is when you say you were married for 25 years because I really picture you being about 16 years old because that's right around your maturity level.

I was posting my opinions and you called me out. You couldn't just read them and move on. If you think that anyone but you started this, you are more retarded than I ever imagined. And you're still (and always will be) a crazy f-ing fagget retard.

I want to make sure this is directed to only you, Simon.

First of all, I never told you that I worked at Target, much less was fired from that store. I have never worked for any retailer. For your clarification only, I posted originally as Narc You Out with a complaint against Target. I stated in that post that my experience with Target was as a result of needing to restock as a result of losing everything we owned in Hurricane Katrina. Remember that, sport? I can't even figure how you jumped to the conclusion that I said I was fired from Target. What a wild imagination you have.

Secondly, I tried to keep civil in my postings. You and your fellow trolls simply wouldn't stand for that. So, I decided to get in the gutter with you.

Thirdly, Oh, I have the greatest pleasure in quoting you 'cause I know how much you appreciate my quotes, wherein you stated, "how you have been owned so far (and will continue to be owned until I lose interest)". Well, son, the only thing you own is the burn you get for jumping to conclusions. See, HERE'S THE CREME DE LA CREME - I do have a pair, but you were too clever for your own good by deciding that meant I was a man. My pair is attached to my husband to whom I have been married twenty-five years!! Oh, I wish I could see your face now.

Oh yeah ...

AND boy, will this posting be passed around. You bet 'cha!!


Stop lying. I'm sure you pass around your posts outlining your ball fetish and holy war against Target to law firms.

You aren't fooling anyone. Not for one second. Everyone on this site and everyone you show this to would laugh their *** off at how you have been owned so far (and will continue to be owned until I lose interest).

I got my information about you working at Target on a previous post where I asked you what your problem was with Target and you said "I was unfairly fired". Now according to your own rules of logic, no one could possibly post that under your name (like when you said I called you that thing that pissed you off when I didnt...well the first time I didn't, I have several times since and will continue to) so I just natually assumed that had to be you.


Simon, Are you trying to SHAME me for treating you the way you treated me and every other poster to Seriously?

You cursed, ridiculed and mocked people listing bad experiences at Target and you are trying to judge me for acting like you? lol - Everyone in my office is strokin out over your retrded comments. Now the powerful and mighty Simon is pious, too. WOW, there are not enough adjectives in the language to cover your great attributes.

BTW: Don't know where you got your info, but thankfully, never worked in retail sales AND would not shop there as a consumer anymore, either. The battle rages!

#348023 anonymous you don't get to me at all. I think it's hilarious that you started out as such a good little missionary on a quest to warn people about the evil Target stores and you've turned into this; helping no one and being laughed at by all.

I bet you stalked the Target manager that fired you and let him know that he didn't have any balls either. You did something I didn't like? Well you don't have any balls! You're sac-less.

No marbles.

Did I mention I love balls? Also I'm a f-ing fagget retard.





Pass that newsflash to Tash.


Simon - Sorry it bothers you so much that you are castrated at such a young age. I keep telling you to take it up with your parents.

It's their fault, not mine, that you are nadless. Boy, it really, really gets to you, doesn't it? Too bad, there, punk.

I know how much you like quotes, so here's one for you to think about as you go about your day's ('xcuse me - haaaaaaaaaa haaaaa) work, "(S)he doth protest too much". You are such a jealous troll!


Read his other posts about his sick testicle fetish. Seriously, look at other Target posts and tell me this guy isn't infactuated with ***.

He is just a sick individual.


Tash - I really can't believe your arrogance. A person who speaks English when it is not his first language is being held to your Ninth Grade standards?


If you would do your homework and quit playing on, you too might gain enough knowledge to graduate.

Only difference - your's would be from high school. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Seriously, Tashee, how do you know anything about this person to make such a judgment? You are just a kid calling a college graduate down.

Get a degree, travel to Europe and then make mature judgments.

You can't see out of your sandbox and you ridicule a man who speaks four languages. Seriously, girl, go put yourself in time-out!

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