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In the target of Dumfries road in Woodbridge, Virginia i believe one employee was racial profiling my friend due to the fact that we were being followed around the store and we were not allowed to buy 2 sunglasses that we placed in a different spot to buy for later. When we saw he was following us, i went to addressed the matter and was met with a smug attitude and a very rude, sarcastic tone.

While i was confronting the matter, and was speaking to him he would not look at me but instead he was staring at my friend who is African American while she was waiting for me. Due to his smug attitude and obvious racist intentions my friend and i are going to restrain from shopping at target for sometime because his attitude was unacceptable and should really be put in check.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your activity of placing items where they don't belong is suspicious. I wouldn't want you shopping in my store either. Even if you weren't stealing them you make extra work for employees taking them back to their proper location, not to mention the fact it screws up their inventory when items are stashed where they don't belong.


They'll be glad to get rid of you.

Stop trying to steal things.

Remind your friend to be thankful it's not Virginia in 1855.

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