I entered a Target Super Store in Apex, NC (Beaver Creek Commons), and was extensively watched as I browsed the eye care merchandise. The worker took it upon himself to leave the aisle that he was stocking, which was the food section, not the eye care section, and watched me as I proceeded to browse up one more aisle.

I caught him again when I arrived to that aisle and stared directly at him in his direction for about thirty seconds, while he pretended not to see me looking at him, when I was less than two feet, straight ahead of him. I purposely walked to another aisle, just to see if he would follow me. He also followed me there. I relocated to one more aisle in the eye care section, just to see if he would follow me, and he did.

I decided to leave, because I could not believe that this establishment would be responsible for such outrageous behavior.

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What race are you white?


team members often go from one aisle to the next bringing the merchandise closer to the shelf to make it look good. You just happen to be moving ahead of him. ***

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