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On June 24 of 2012 I purchased a $342 gazebo. I built it and in October of 2012 the roof caved in on us.

There had been a rainstorm the previous day and apparently the weight of the rain caused the water to collect in the fabric and bend the supports. Took a photo to manager. He said since 90 days up, come back in spring and exchange for one of similar value. Came back this spring and Target is no longer carrying or selling gazebos because of these problems.

Target customer service told me to contact the vendor as it had a one year warranty. I contacted the vendor who informed me that they did not warrant their products. Have a wedding in my backyard in a month, and have to pay to have this hauled away and buy a new one. I think Target should have warnings on this product that state not safe to leave out doors.

REALLY Target an outdoor gazebo that lasts FOUR months.

Monetary Loss: $342.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #646666

This sounds more like it is for intermittent temporary use, to be put away after each use. If it had a fabric top, it wasn't meant to be outside permanently.

Even if it hadn't collapsed, after being left outside this longer it would be pretty dingy looking for something like a wedding. Why do you have to pay to have it hauled away, you hauled it home from Target, so you should be able to haul it away.

Also you could rent a wedding tent, if you don't want to erect a nice looking permanent wood gazebo.

to anonymous San Francisco, California, United States #647147

The gazebo was over $300 and weighed over 150 pounds. It was very substantial.

It was so large there was no way to take it down and it was sold as an outdoor product. Just thought it would last more than a few months.

to anonymous #655311

I wouldn't buy anything from Target. Also, if you notice anonymous sounds like he was hired by Target to refute poor products and poor service complaints that Target sells.

Very obvious Target should have fixed the problem for the customer.

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