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Target is one of my favor stores and today I had my first taste of being profiled and it wasn’t fun. So I go to Target to pick up my online order (Target in Society Hil) small little grocery store branch.

I must admit I forgot my ID simply because I paid with my mobile card. So I purchased a few more items when I got to the front and let the cashier know I placed an online order 3 cans of enfamil soy for pickup. She was really nice and said no worries her manager always does it without if. She calls him on the radio let’s him know the situation and he proceeded to come help.

When he comes to the front he looks me in the face and asked for my id which he knew I didn’t have. He then proceeds to tell me he can’t do it. I said to him “your cashier just told me that you do it all the time” he proceeds to tell me that he does but he can’t give it to me because it was too much. My order was $83.97, I was so confused.

I can tell by the look in his face that he didn’t expect to see a black girl with braids and that’s why it went from him doing it all the time, to him not being able to do it. We began going back and forth and I started getting embarrassed because people were looking.I told him that I would just cancel the order because it was ridiculous and I had more than enough to prove my identity. It was also hurtful to know that society thinks we can’t afford something as cheap as $83.97 for infant 3 cans of infant formula. He then tells me I can do what I want (as far as canceling) my order.

I was super upset simply because I don’t pull the race card but it’s complete *** to be mistreated. I get it rules are rules but you simply didn’t give me something because I didn’t look how you thought I looked. I called corporate who sounded just as frustrated as I did and they were very apologetic.

It’s such a shame how one complete *** can put a nasty taste in your mouth. I won’t visit that target location ever again .

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To: Target Profiled and it sucked. I am aware of being treated like this too.

I was racially profiled. While i was walking too the department too where the skin products were. I asked an employee into body wash was at. Everything was fine, until this happened.

The employee asked, "What body wash are you looking for?" I told the employee the brand. The employee rolled the eyes and said, "Another pale person, making another pale choice." I am thinking that this employee is having an bad day, so i am able too be letting this go. I was walking too where the shampoo was at. The employee: (while being sassy): Now.

What do you want? Don't you have you have your body wash? Into an nice and pleasant way, i said, "Yes." Thankyou so much." "Now I am looking for some shampoo." The employee rolled the eyes again. At this time, i am still calm and pleasant.

I am next too the shampoo bottles and deodorant bottles. While i was grabbing onto the bottles of the deodorant and the shampoo. The employee: (while being sassier than before) "No. That's not an good look on you.

" "That's too dark." The employee grabbed the bottles out of my hands, while i was trying too put them into my shopping cart with other things i was buying. At this point, I am like, "Excuse me. I know what works from me. " While i am trying too keep this cool, still being calm and pleasant.

Then, this happened, The Employee: (While the employee turned from sassy too snarky): "I am going too be the judge of that!" "Pale people wear lighter things and darker people wear darker things. It's too bad we cannot the separate these two things." At this time, i am mad and angry. I asked for the manager too the store. The employee: "Oh trust me.

It will do you no good, you look like you could use an little touch up first. You wouldn't know what too use, if it would bite you into *** I am sure of that." (Snarkier than before). While i was watching this employee did this too other customers. The manager too store came too the front of the store.

The manager: "Hi. I'm the manager of the store. I understand you wanted too see me about an situation into the store. I am like, "Yes." "You know your employee, i gave the manager the name of the employee.

"This employee is racially profiling people.

The manager was shocked, when the employee was caught into the act doing the same thing too the other customers. The employee was fired.


Pitting a cashier against a manager to try to get out of following the rules … how classy of you. An ID is required, period. Follow the same rules as everyone else and you will not encounter such "issues."

to Anonymous #1537347

To: Anonymous July 24th, Nobody should have any issues with anybody, if there are or are not rules. Nobody should be mean or nasty, if people are be profiled by employees or customers.

Then they are part of the problem.

It's not that hard too comprehend. Duh.


WTF it's your fault. Bring your ID with you.

If they would have given your merchandise to someone else without ID, youd be possed. Get over yourself


So because you can’t prove it’s YOU who made the order THEY are a bad business. Stop for a moment young lady and flip it.

What if someone came up and SAID they were you and they just gave the formula to them? Then we would have you posting they are stealing your money. All you had to do was go get your ID and there is no issue. Your just mad at THEM for NOT giving you your way and since you were told NO, you felt the need to make a post bashing them.

What you think the issue is, is not. There is a standing $50 rule that 95% of all companies give thier store managers. So as long as ANY issue is under $50 the manager is allowed to make allowances. Since it was over $50 the manager was well within thier power to hold up giving you the items until YOU could prove that YOU are the person to pick it up.

YOU are playing the race card not them. YOU didn’t bring a photo ID to verify your purchase. That doesn’t make them a bad business. You have a baby so YOU have to start looking at how YOU handle situations because your child WILL pick up a majority of thier social skills learning from YOU.

If this was YOUR JOB AND FAMILY that you had to protect by following the policies your tune would be different. Get over it they did NOTHING WRONG!!! It’s NOT about customer service at that point it’s about customer security. Besides, didn’t you agree when you got your drivers license that you would follow ALL the laws?

Well leaving your house without ID to prove who you are is a big one.

So not only did you embarrass yourself in the store not having your ID but that your also driving without it. When you point a accusational finger at someone there is always three pointing at you.


Formula is a high theft item. Parents that are short on cash are know to help themselves.

If you actually ordered it and paid for it, you should be thankful that they are looking out for you as well by asking for ID rather than giving your order to someone else. If you would just follow the policies you wouldn't have to worry about being "profiled".

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