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I am horrified at the comment that someone made, claiming to be me. I wrote this comment about target hoping to let people know about their lack of customer service.

I am extremely upset that someone would write nasty things about my husband & son. I'm sure someone thought they were being funny, I did not find it to be funny...

Original review posted by user Sep 30, 2014

My husband and son went to our local Target (Methuen, MA) to buy an action figure my son had wanted. After finding the figure, they walked around the electronics department to look at new video games that were available.

While looking, they noticed that the new Skylanders game starter pack was on the shelves...they were VERY surprised, as the game is not set to be released until next week. They know this because my son has been (very) anxiously awaiting its release. My husband asked the associate in the electronics department why the game was on the shelves already. He was told that the store had "special permission" to sell the game a week early...this never happens.

My husband asked quite a few times if the associate was sure about this...each time getting the same, oh yeah we can sell it answer.

After my husband & son left the store with the action figure, my husband decided it would be a great treat for my son if they went back in, returned the figure and bought the video game. They went to the "Customer Service" desk & started the return process, but when the associate doing the return attempted to scan the video game set in, the register denied the sale. She tried numerous times, then had to get a manager.

The manager told her that the game could not be sold until next week. My son was devastated, and started to cry (he is only 6). The manager looked at my husband shrugged & told him he was out of luck until next week. My husband told him how he was assured the game was for sale...the manager again shrugged & went to the electronics department to get the associate to remove the games from the shelves.

Needless to say, my husband just returned the figure & left the store. He then went a few miles out of the way to buy the figure at Toys R Us. Target has lost another customer, all because of poor customer service.

The fact that the electronics department associate was mistaken about the game being for sale early was not the was the manager's complete lack of customer service. Shrugging your shoulders & walking away from a customer (who managed to stay calm through the entire interaction) was ridiculous.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Target can refuse a sale to anyone!

Other Islands, British Virgin Islands #878045

You are a very horrible and disgusting person. That comment to firstborntriplet was uncalled for.

He was defending you by giving examples about how other six year old also cry in similar situations and you wish death upon him. This brings me to another point. Oh so your six year old was disappointed What about children who have cancer and are in constant pain, what about children who are blind, your son is spoiled and you are just raising him to be worse. Big deal so the game he wanted was not in stock, get over it.

Crying is not going to make the game appear. Crying won't help, and the fact that your husband is being a brat himself and making a big deal makes it worse. Your son is going to grow up to be a self entitled brat because both you are self entitled. There is no hope or him, now if only one parent were like this there would be hope unfortunately for this boy there is none.

Not being able to get a game for an overprivilaged brat is not worth crying for.

There is something called parenting you should try it once in a while.

to your son is a spoiled brat #878745

She did not write that comment to my cousin, besides crying won't help but the boy was mislead. Yeah and from birth to about age eight my cousin and his brother were in the hospital because there were complications during birth, they were born three months early almost, them and their sister, there are many complications with multiple births, and he and his brother Jack were told they would not live to see their first birthday.

However they were supposed to "die" several times, before age five, and now they are 13 and doing better, they still have some overnight stays, but they find no offence to a six year old crying over not getting a game because they know that six year olds don't know better and you bashing them makes you look foolish. The son is not spoiled it is called being six year old.

You should know what it feels like to be six years old because you have the intelligence of one. ANGRYMAMMA, Zack(firstborntriplet) knows you did not write that hurtful horrid comment.

First Born Triplet
to your son is a spoiled brat #879233

Thanks for sticking up for me but that comment was not written by the same person who posted the review.


We understand that they are not allowed to sell the game before the release date, that is why my husband kept asking the electronics associate if he was sure about it. My main issue was with the manager & how he handled it. An apology would have been nice, not a shrug & turn away.


Your son may only be six, however he has to learn that life is not perfect, somethings things happen and he cannot get his way. How can he learn this lesson when you and your husband have not already learned it.

The manager did nothing wrong, you expecting him to break the law to cater to your bratty son is what is wrong. So many people are self entitled, they are raising their children to be the same so there is no hope for the next generation.

to Anonymous #877764

We most certainly DID NOT expect the manager to cater to us or break the rules by selling the game early. We expected him to APOLOGIZE for his associate not doing his job correctly.

The associate works in the ELECTRONICS DEPT and should know the rules of what can be sold and when things can be sold. If a customer asks a question, the employee of the store should know the answer & if unsure about the answer, should find out the answer from a manager or another associate.

You don't know my son, so please don't make statements or assumptions that are untrue about him. We are not raising him to be entitled to anything.

He has been anxiously awaiting this game for months (and saving his money - earned by doing chores) to buy the figures for the game (we buy the starter pack - he buys the rest).

You can't tell me that if you had something in your hands that you had been waiting for, then have it taken away by someone that you would not feel disappointed. Why is it "bratty" of my son to feel disappointed & cry?

First Born Triplet
to angrymama #878012

Well I don't think he should have to apologize for someone else making the mistake, the person who made the mistake should have to apologize. However six year old kids do cry over little things because they are six.

Like at scouts we were having a party and we had ice cream, a someone threw out this six year old's ice cream. No big deal right, wrong to a six year old it is a big deal, he calmed down after the leaders got another ice cream for him. Then another six year old brought a pack of cards from home at the hospital I was staying at, and some teens to borrow and were playing with them. He cried over that.

Then another boy wanted to play cards with us older children. He was five and we were playing president which is too complicated for him. So he started crying so I stopped playing with my friends and brother and played with him.

But don't blame the manager because the employee lied to you. Like you said he should not be giving wrong answers and he should be getting the facts before presenting them to a customer especially a child.

You must feel big bashing a six year old. You are almost as bad as that person who harassed a seven year old online for bad spelling and grammar after Petco Killed her pet due to neglect and the parent had to get involved. You are almost as bad as that user who told another user whose husband just died to stop having sex because you thought she was unwed. There is nothing wrong about a six year old crying over small things.

Now if the kid were like eight perhaps. Congratulations you just bashed a six year old, someone in kindergarten or first grade.

How do you feel now, what are you going to do next steal a homeless person's food? Steal a handicapped person's wheelchair while she is in the washroom?

to First Born Triplet Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #878047

Let me guess you are the father of the spoiled six year old. If a kid cries over having his ice cream thrown out he does not get another one.

Your son is a brat. As a scout leader you should not be teaching children to be spoiled. The fact that you defend this person obviously means one of two things, you are either the father of this child or another spoiled brat. The fact remains is this person's son needs to learn he cannot get his way all the time.

He is six and throwing tantrums now what is he going to be like when he is grown up. Also to stop playing with your friends and to play with a five year old because he throws a temper tantrum no one is playing with him. You and your wife need to stop saying they are just being six and teach these children to stop being brats.

Playing with a five year old who is impatient because he cannot wait for your game to be over is teaching this child to be a spoiled brat, just like the mother expecting the store to sell the game is teaching her child to be a brat, you and this mother (assuming you are not married) need to stop spoiling children. There is no hope otherwise for the future.

to Anonymous #878016

I like how this big man is bashing a six year old when if he were in the same situation he would probably react worse, like with violence. STFU she did not want your opinion.

to KevinFromLondonEngland00 #878077

Man woman whatever, the person has a point the mother and father are spoiling the child and if she does not want their opinion she should not be sharing her review. Six or not at some point the child has to learn the world does not revolve around them and they cannot get everything they want, too bad the father has not learned this yet. I see from your comment people in England are also self entitled and think the world owes them.

Orlando, Florida, United States #877652

Agreed, the store manager could have handled it better. Unfortunately there was not much he could have done in that situation.

A store manager does not have the power to create a SKU. Nor does he have the power to find a similar item for the same price and charge that instead. Not only that but Target the corporation can get into major trouble for breaking a street date, and Activision/Blizzard are not the type of company to take that lightly.

But again, it certainly could have been handled better. While he couldn't sell you the game that day he could have offered a discount on the game for the following week or a free Skylander figure or some other small concession for the misinformation and upsetting your son like that.

to MattD78 Methuen, Massachusetts, United States #877691

That may be the issue, but the fact remains is my son was crying. My husband was upset over this that he threatened so slap my son if he did not stop crying.

He called my son an ungrateful brat on the way to the Toys R US. At that point we did not want to purchase anything from Target. Even though my husband tried to explain to my son that we would get the toy at Toys R Us. My son was crying.

My husband was beyond furious at this time and so was I. He told my son that the employees at Target were idiots and that they did not know what they were doing. My son thought he was not going to get anything, so my husband told him he was an *** himself and that he would get the toy at Toys R Us, and if he did not stop crying he would stop the car and slap him. I told my son he was an ungrateful brat and that if he did not keep quiet he would get nothing and he would not get the game he wanted next week or ever again if he kept acting like a big baby.

I know he is six years old but enough is enough. He finally stopped crying. However this incident spoiled our mood, and made us angry at our son and spoiled his mood as well. They ruined a what was going to be a pleasant experience.

The store manager is a child abuser and should have made an exception.

My son is only six years old. While you suggest he should have given a discount or a free action figure he should have given us a gift card for making us so angry that we made our son cry further after he was already upset.

to angrymama Jawiszów, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland #877692

Wow, you really should win parent of the year award. Instead of taking your anger out on your son you should have explained to him that the store made a mistake and that you are not happy with the store.

Then you should have explained to him that you are going to Toys are Us to get the action figure because you don't want to give Target money.

Instead you both verbally abuse him. Shame on you.

to Anonymous #877773

Again, I most certainly DID NOT write the comment above.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #878008

Welcome to this site, let me explain how things work here, we can post under whatever username we want if we choose to post an anonymous nickname, in other words if the name shows up in black it is not by the original poster, it could be by the original poster but it is not most of the time because we have a few trolls that like to cause trouble for the site.

to angrymama #877772

I did not write this comment above.

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