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The weekly ad for Target came Sunday and there was a product I use regularly on the ad complete with a picture of the actual item (Diet Peach Snapple). I drove to the store which is not close with the intention of stocking up.

There was no product on the shelf. A target employee went to the back to look and the Snapple driver was there and had not delivered any. When checking out I saw the Snapple delivery man and he told me the store had removed the item from their authorized inventory list. I asked to speak to the grocery manager and he claimed not to know anything about it.

They don't stock it at all.

So now I've used $5 worth of gas, driven in 105 degree heat only to find out Target uses false advertising. You would think a huge operation like Target would at least stock the items on their ads.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: False advertising on weekly ad.

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Adverts are printed weeks ahead of the sake. As many as 8 weeks ahead of time.

They are also regional and NOT local. Just because it arrives in your weekly paper doesn’t mean it’s was printed only for your town. That’s not a cost effective way to print out a million fliers. Just because you showed up doesn’t mean they will have all that is advertised.

Every store has a disclaimer on the back of every advert that explains all of this.

Can you not read fine print? Let’s not get into the fact that if you are customer #11 and they only had 10 left means you lose out.


wrong we do stock ur just pissed cause we didnt have somthing u wanted .. unfortunatly unless any of u know how a store actually works or have actually ever worked retail .

you would understand that target switches out its products within weeks or somtimes even months ..

adds dont get changed immediately with vendors .. and the product is never always the same unless its popular ..

to Anonymous #1569437

Your reply makes absolutely no sense. The ad was in my local paper the same day I went to the store.

The vendors are not the ones determining whether or not a store carries an item, Target does that.

Why should I not expect the store to at least carry an item on the ad, even though they might be temporarily out of stock? If you don't even carry an item, don't advertise it for sale.

to rjohn21 #1569911

the vendors are the one thats choose to pull .. because its their item ..

target is not responsible for what the vendors pull. We advertise the items based off when we get them . So the add may have been in your paper the same day we had the item but that doesnt mean we didnt have the item weeks before hand and just decided to advertise it now . Target advertises products that sale , so if were doing good on a product that sales we advertise it .

So what happened most likely .. target saw that the snapple was doing good , VENDORS wanted more promotion .

Target advertised it but by the time the advertising caught up to the actual product vendors had decided to pull it to advertise for another item . Dont tell me what a store does or vendors do unless u actually work for the store .

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