I'm sorry but I do not understand the logic or business sense of sending out a "privacy letter" on a closed Target Credit Card account that has been closed for YEARS NOW.The wording of the letter made it sound as if it was still an open account so I called and they said they are "required by law" to send them out even on accounts that are years old. Can I look at or apply to reopen? NO--I GUESS IF THE LAW REQUIRES IT OK TARGET--IT'S YOUR DIME--I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BUSINESS SENSE OF IT AND IT WASTES MY TIME AND IS JUST MORE JUNK MAIL.

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Troy, Michigan, United States #645727

What a *** thing to *** about. :roll


It is not only a waste of time, not only to read it but to recycle it so in fact it is a waste of paper, waste of money and a waste of the electricity to shred it. I have gotten to where when a credit card company sends me pre-approved applications.

I send the postage paid envelope back to them with everything but the application (since it pre-printed with my name). Also, you may want to contact them and confirm that the account is closed.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #644011

Receiving that letter doesn't waste your time. It would only take a couple minutes to skim through it, if that long.

Then shred it and use it for packing when mailing packages, or mulch in your garden.

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