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the shelf has a tag for one price the clerk did not comply

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Lol @ comply.


No-one is a mind reader. So Exactly How do you expect Anyone to understand What your complaint is about Without Explaining Exactly What happened?


If there are price scanners in the store, check it before you take it to the register.


What an awful complaint. No detail at all.

When you take an item to the register they scan the barcode for the price. They don't run and look at a tag on the shelf. How much of a difference are you talking about? Did they check with a lead cashier?

Was the item over the correct tag? Scroll down a bit and you will see someone else complaining that she though it was terrible that an employee on the floor didn't like the fact that she wasn't putting the shoes she was looking back in the right place.

Perhaps the item you brought up had been put in the wrong place by a messy customer. Stores have the right to charge the correct price for an item.

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