Purchased a wallet, price posted was not the same as register. Purchased a scarf, 20% off, never came off at the register.

Purchased a sweater, again, price on sign was not the same as at the register. Purchased lipstick, price again was not the same at the register. Does one have to carry the price posted to the register to get what is suppose to be the price of the item??? I have always liked to shop at Target, always thought the prices were reasonable, but in the last 2 months, I'm beginning to wonder whose side is Target on.

Unless you have the price tag in hand, take price tag w/u to register, one never knows what they are going to be charged. It's just not right!!!

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Years ago at the local Target, I purchased and item stacked on the shelves with a clearly visible price tag, with a great prIce! At the register they charged a higher price!

- Just Wait!


I researched it with the manager because I was upset - but was pleasant enough about it. Turned out that the stocker had more product then would fit on the shelf so he just put it next to it in the next products spot! The price was not really a mistake, but an error in stocking, as there were dozens of items mis-stocked. The actual price label on the shelve, if I would have looked closely, was a different item.

Do we always check!


The manager gave me the lower price - which I objected too, but eventually accepted for my trouble. They started to correctly stock the shelves.

When i see items lazily stocked in other items places, I've brought it to the attention of the manager.

. Note: Cub Foods, if you find a mis-priced item, they give that 1 item for 50% off (Or is it free, I forget) - only 1 item!


very common practice at TARGET. the employee often do not change over the prices to reflect what sign say!!!!!!!!!! does TARGET corp do this on purpose MAYBE but you could never prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't suppose it occurred to you that the mistakes could be because customers had moved the items because they found something they liked better, and didn't put the other items back in the proper location.

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