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Have always been a fan of target shopping, I found out today what is a sorry view target has of its customers. I had been looking for a playstation 3 set of wireless headphones and found a set that I liked for a decent price.

I asked a store worker to unlock the item let me purchase them. When I checked out I found out that item was priced for 80 more dollars than what it had been marked on the shelf. Surprised I asked to see a manager so that we can get that fixed. The manager then with a condescending attitude told me that he would refuse to sell the items to me for the price as marked.

Then I proceeded to fill out a customer comment card and talk to the service counter. They then gave me a number to call so I can file a complaint with their home office.

I called the numbers and gave them all my information and they said the wouldn't contact me back, that I would have to call back. I guess now we wait and see this giant corporation do nothing for the customers that keep it in business.

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Legimate Dude - Please scour the Target reviews on the Search site on the top of this page. Target is hardly a legimate business.

I believe they are in the business of taking customers money and laughing when there's a problem that needs rectifying.
You will never get satisfaction at their stores and corporate uses customers comments as fodder for entertainment at their meetings.
I am sorry to say that you've been shot by the Target bow and arrow.

I just hope they missed hitting you right between the eyes and got you in your but* instead. :zzz :zzz :grin :grin :grin

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