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I purchased a movie at target, didnt realize until i got home the movie was $20.00 more than what they advertised. The emlpoyees would not do anything to fix the issue, but they did move the movies around where they are supposed to be.

Its not the customers fault that they arent in the right place. I should have been given some respect and had my small issue resolved. This is the apple valley, ca store address 19201 bear valley rd. Apple valley, ca.

92308. This happend july 2nd 2012.

I came back july 3rd2nd 2012. The fact that i saw them move the movies that were falsely advertised and wouldnt take care of a customer is foul.

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You're confused about the law. if the tag says " lady and the tramp DVD $2.99 and you get to the register and it scans as $29.99 and you can bring an employee back to the shelf and prove that the price is marked wrong the retailer is required to give the lower price. Base heads would rearrangestores all over the state if that were the case.


"Second, in California if the item is completely in the wrong spot, they are required to match the price." So using your theory, I (the customer) could put a 70" TV on the shelf with the paper towels, and Target would be required to give me the price of the TV for the price of a single roll of cheap paper towels? WHAT A CR0CK OF 5H1T YOU ARE!


the movie was $20 more than advertised..? that's usually what a movie costs, give or take.

chances are, you picked it up over near the cereal and expected to get it for that price.

but by the way, sometimes it is the customers fault that products are in the wrong spot because they leave things laying around. and like Jedi said, how could you not notice paying an extra 20 bucks?

as for you anonymous, stop smelling the butts of people younger than you.


First when you are in a hurry and you have a kid that you just want to get home, thats how you dont pay immediate attention to a price....DUH!!! Second, in California if the item is completely in the wrong spot, they are required to match the price.

my wife saw them switching the movies back when i was simpley rying to exchange it.

so they know they were in the wrong. I could care less if it was a special addition, i wanted the cheaper one.


Stores are not obligated to honor prices when CUSTOMERS put items in the wrong spot. It sounds like a customer put a new release in the clearance section.

Target isn't going to take a $20 loss because of that customer's actions. Why didn't you notice this at checkout?

Target IS foul!! :p
What Jedi is smelling is his own brain (which has the same odor his butt)! :grin :grin

So you did not notice you paid $20 extra until you got home. I smell lie and scam here. How could you not notice paying and extra $20

if there were multiple copies of the same movie in a wrong spot, then yes, they should have given you whatever price it was. but no, you don't deserve a cheap price on a movie if someone had just left it there (they didn't want it anymore) and you couldn't have been bothered to read the tag for what the actual movie was. there are these neat little things at the end of isles called price scanners; try using it next time :)

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